Law Of Attraction Basics – The Ten “Commandments” – vBook Chapter 10

Just for a bit of fun, and as a way of describing Law Of Attraction basics, we offer …


1. You shall know that at your essence you are a timeless consciousness – an always-connected part of the Universal Consciousness that some would call God or All That Is.
2. You shall know that the illusion you call the physical world and everything in it is created from the individual, unique belief-choices you have made. You shall know that what you call the spiritual or non-physical world and everything in it is likewise created from your choices.
3. You shall continue to make choices and as you do your worlds and everything that is in them, re-form around you.
4. At no time shall you beat up on yourself. You shall love yourself with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and in this state you will find yourself at one with everything and compassionate to all.
5. You shall practice self-first-ness. You shall love others as you love yourself, but all of that begins with you.
6. You shall remember that you are pure positive energy and that your natural state is well being.
7. You shall dream and imagine in being all manner of things that are pleasing to you because this is the purpose of your Life On Earth and every other life you are also experiencing.
8. You shall mix it up and intersect with other conscious entities and thereby stimulate the birthing of new desires.
9. You shall remember that there is no good or bad, no sinners or saints because these are human judgments and you are so much more than that.
10. You shall at all times remember “Commandment” #1 and thereby be less obsessive about your physical world. See this game always within the context of the truth of who you are.

If you have reached the place where you have begun to really understand who you are and why you are here, then you will know that in this place there is nothing that has any dominion over you and there is nothing that exists that is judging you. In this place where by Law Of Attraction you are creating it all according to your desires, there is nothing that is more worthy or less worthy than anything else.

In this place where you are making the rules, there can be no commandments, and even if there were, in each new moment you are always at choice and therefore there is nothing that can be cast in stone. But we have offer you these “commandments” as a new way of thinking about Law Of Attraction basics.