Channeling Explained .. So What Do YOU Think Channeling Is? vBook Chapter 20

Let’s see if we can get channeling explained and understood. What do YOU think channeling is? Even after this one had been heavily engaged with Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks for 18 years prior to starting this community, he had no idea what channeling really was except that he thought it was not something he would ever do. What was compelling about it was that what he was hearing made sense. For the first time he was getting answers that rang true. Questions remained, but many of the puzzle pieces started falling into place. Then came this community with unlimited access to us, and more and more answers. And now of course here he is channeling.

There are many reasons why this thing you call channeling is an important topic. For starters, it’s a very visible part of what goes on in this community. In the intersections that we have with all of you, we are pushing the boundaries of our understanding. We are going where no man has gone before – moving into new territory as we explore together the nuances of this game of Life on Earth. (Even in the creation of this very discussion, we and this one have moved to a whole new way of understanding and describing this process. Nothing stands still. Everything continues to evolve.)

But it’s also an important topic for each of you personally because it’s a resource you can tap into. It can help you open up to new possibilities and an ongoing awareness of who you are. We are going to explore here the nature of channeling and encourage you to see that, yes – you too can “channel”. It can be fun. It can support you. It can confirm your alignment and be a source of inner guidance. Like all other topics, there are some things about it that are Absolute, and then of course there’s your “story” about it, which is simply those things you have chosen to believe.

First let’s look at the mechanism of which channeling is just one aspect. What is often not well understood is there is an always-on connection between (A) You and (B) let’s say Your Subconscious, and (C) let’s say your Higher Self and (D) the collective consciousness of Source. If you exist, you have this connection – it’s a part of everybody’s existence in a very fundamental way. You may be partly aware of it as a subtle inner voice. You may be unaware of it. You may be pulling away from it (in which case as we discussed last week, you will not be feeling good), but you cannot exist without it.

Being in a physical realm, you tend to see things as discrete clumps like (A), (B), (C), and (D). Well we need to blur the lines a little here because you’re actually a non-physical entity even as we are, and in non-physical there are no boundaries and beginnings and ends. So this mechanism we’re talking about is not a so much a “connection” between clumps as it is a merging of energies. If Source was white light, then dividing that light gives a spectrum. You (A) are like the red part. What we called (B) and (C) are like orange and yellow. There is no boundary point between these. There is only more or less.

So let’s look at your hour-to-hour thinking. For a lot of that time you’re on a train of thought. One thought leads to another down familiar tracks. It’s a big approximation, but for this discussion you could say that (B) is providing the familiar tracks and timetable, and (A) is occasionally making over-ride decisions. And then along comes that totally new idea. Where does that come from? Well this is where (C) gets involved. Every new thought and new idea comes in part from (C). Now we’re using clumpy language again, and really there’s just more or less. But the point here is that these different energies that are You, are always participating, more or less, in your experience.

What’s “Absolute” about channeling is that it’s one way of having (C) and (D) (and everything in-between) be more involved in your world, be a more conscious part of your everyday experience. Like everything else in Your World, unique to you, it’s a choice. The ability to channel isn’t some sort of “gift” that only some people have. The spectrum of Source that contains you is the same spectrum that contains everybody. If you choose to make some of this “connection” conscious, then you will be channeling. It’s as simple as that.

What form will it take? It could be writing, painting, sculpting or speaking, or anything you choose. With what entities will you be communicating? Well even as you create your physical world around you and populate it with people you intersect with, so it is you create your non-physical world. You will intersect with whatever you have chosen to believe is possible. Is there anything to fear? Well we are not talking about Absolutes here and so we say, you tell us. We can say, absolutely, that non-physical contains no negative energy, but, as with all things, you will create your own reality with this. As always, simply choose what feels good. That will never lead you astray.

How will you “know” it’s happening? Well fundamentally, if you’re getting new ideas, it’s happening, but will it ever feel like communicating with something other than just you? Yes. Let’s use voice channeling as an example. Channeling is a collaboration between different parts of that spectrum and you. So how do you know what you’re saying is at least partly “them”? You will be getting blocks of thought and for some of those, even as you get them, you will know. You’ll be thinking – that wasn’t my idea. You may notice physical changes. And as you relax into this, you’ll be more and more aware of the collaborative aspects of the interchange.

What does a “block of thought” feel like? Well let’s establish something up front here. Today when you are speaking normally to someone, you do not choose your words. You have a thought you want to express, a block of thought, and your subconscious provides the words. That is why many of you fear of public speaking because you try to consciously speak particular words at the same time as thinking about what you’re going to say next, and you just can’t do it. Your conscious processor doesn’t have enough horse-power. Learning to speak publicly is learning to relax into your natural ability to speak without choosing words.

Channeling is similar. Channeled speaking is not like someone whispering words into your ear that you can repeat. Channeling is never a take-over of you as a delivery vehicle. You will be getting those blocks of thought and expressing them in the same way as you do today. You are always calling the shots, but you will be thinking with two minds, and you will know it.

Once you understand these principles, you will see evidence all around you of people channeling, consciously or unconsciously. You will hear authors and songwriters and painters describing how something outside of them was a part of the process. Once you have channeling explained, you will know that it’s as normal and natural as having breakfast. You too can channel. In a sense you’re already doing it. We look forward to your questions and to our longer discussion on this topic.