Use The Law Of Attraction – Some Questions Only You Can Answer – vBook Chapter 21

Many of you seek to know how to use the Law Of Attraction, but often there’s just no answer .. to some of your questions. We’ll joyfully spend all day answering questions about who you are, why you’re here, and how you might create new things in your life. But when you ask us about the nature of the world you’re in right now, when you ask us about the physical you, when you ask us about the future, we say – you tell us, because these questions are not answerable except by you. So let’s explore why that is, and then we’ll move on to how to make changes – create more of what you want in your life. Here are some examples of questions we can’t answer.

What can I say to this person to get them to act differently? Should I quit my job? Which of these options should I choose? When will I find my soul mate? What’s my true purpose here? What are dreams and what do they tell us? Should I find a new partner? How important is it for me to meditate? How can we bring about peace on earth? Do I have a guardian angel? Are those being born today indigo children? Well, we could answer these questions from this one’s perspective, but that would be His Story, and all of these questions are about Your Story, and so we have to say .. you tell us. In the movie called Your Life On Earth, you’re the one writing the screenplay.

What’s real and what isn’t? You might say that a movie isn’t “real”. Yes of course, it’s an illusion, and yet if it’s a good movie it has the capacity to draw you in and experience the story with the characters on the screen. Your Life On Earth is similar. It’s an illusion – a very good one we might add because it certainly draws you in. It engages you so much you get mesmerized by it and you forget who you are. You will say things like – this is just a movie, but life is real. We promise you, this movie that is Your Story, is every bit as much an illusion as all those other movies you’ve seen. Ultimately the only thing that’s real is your experience.
Let’s look at your senses. Perhaps you think of them as the physical apparatus whereby you perceive the world around you. For example with your sight, the Story is that light reflects off of objects, travels to your eye and gets focused onto your retina. Your nerves react and send a signal to your brain which forms an image and you can see everything around you. You are receiving data, processing it and determining the shape of your surroundings. But that’s just the Story. If all that physicality is an illusion, where is the illusion being created?
Well, here’s another way of looking at it. If you can picture this, you’ll be close to understanding what’s really going on. Think of your sight as being like the projector of this movie, Your Movie, onto the screen of your mind. Your senses are showing you the “reality” you’ve created by your habits of thought. You have a tapestry of well-practiced beliefs and from those come your expectations about everything. This is Your Story. This is the movie you are in. If you make new belief choices, you step into a new version of you, and by Law Of Attraction the movie changes to match that new you.

You’re writing the screenplay. You’re the director and the leading actor. Then there are all those other actors. Those close to you have leading roles. There are those with supporting roles. There are well known characters perhaps with cameo roles, Then there are all those extras – the people you pass on the street, the people you see on your televisions. From your perspective, these people are all actors in your movie. Of course from their perspective, you’re an actor in their movie, and different versions of you are following their screenplays. But right now we’re looking at your life and your movie.

Behind the scenes there’s your casting director and your props manager and all of the stage hands, and everybody, actors and staff included, are faithfully following your screenplay and your direction. The actors may adlib their lines and they may surprise you a little, but it will always be within the boundaries you have set, and in line with the choices you have made. And as you make new choices, it’s a new day and a new version of the movie. Everybody adjusts. Some actors change character. Some actors leave and new actors arrive. Sometimes the scene is changed completely. But it’s all Your Story.

Movies, as the name suggests, give the appearance of things in motion, but actually they’re comprised of a series of still pictures called frames viewed in quick succession. You can think of Your movie as having frames – a series of Now moments. In each frame are the versions of everyone and everything that are a match to you. Each frame is like a completed jigsaw puzzle – all the pieces fit together. If you change the version of you, then everything around you must change to match this new version of the picture.

Are you beginning to see why you cannot use the Law Of Attraction, and why we cannot answer those questions? You cannot NOT use it.   You’re creating it all. It’s not happening out there in a shared world. It’s all internal to you. It’s all going on in your mind. If you have decided that something is impossible, it will not exist. If you have decided something is possible but improbable, it will happen occasionally. If you have decided it is probable, then it will mostly happen. And of course you’ve settled on a whole lot of certainties, things you just plain know – like the floor, the bed, the walls, time and gravity when you woke up this morning. They were all there because you knew they would be.

And are you beginning to see why it can really help to know all of this? This is Your Movie, and as long as you are asking others for answers about what you yourself are creating, you are failing to recognize the extent to which you are in charge. What you don’t know about it is not knowable. You may think that you continue to “discover” new things about Your World, but in truth, you are just filling in some of the details in your tapestry of possibilities. When you read “studies have shown…” or you hear some person or entity like us giving you information, to the extent that you choose to believe it, you are simply coloring in some more “probables” and “certainties”.

So how’s this movie of yours turning out? Is it an adventure? Is it fun to be in? These would be our questions to you. You are in charge, and if there’s anything you desire, anything at all, you can have it. It is a function of adding it to your plot. So right at this moment, no matter where you are, think of the puzzle pieces that make up the Now frames of your movie. This is why Now is so special. All your power is in your Now. Now is the only time you can make new decisions.

You are the center piece. All of those matching pieces start from the shape of you. You change your shape by what you choose to believe – about this thing, about that thing, about everything. What shape do you want to be? Choose it. Be it. Expect it. Have fun with it. And then, what can be the most fun of all, watch the new matching pieces fall into place around you. This is how you create. This is why you create. This is you doing what you came here to do.  This is how to “use” the Law Of Attraction.