Law Of Attraction Made Easy – It’s Simple. But Is It Easy? Perhaps! vBook Chapter 24

Let’s talk about Law Of Attraction made easy, and why some things feel easier to create than others. Here’s a simple statement of fact. It’s as easy to create a galaxy as a hot meal. Let’s pick apart these two different sorts of creation to see what’s similar and what’s different about them. Now we understand that what follows here may be a challenge to the way you normally look at things. That is our intention. We want you to start seeing things in a whole new light – as they really are, instead of the way they appear to be in your space/time world. If you can begin to get your mind around this, you’ll never again look at things in quite the same way.

Before we start, let’s revisit the facts of life. The nature of things (You, All That Is, the Law Of Attraction), all of this is logical and elegantly simple. However, choosing what you want and creating it, can be difficult or easy. It is what you make it to be, because you are not only creating your world, you are also creating how you create. As soon as you stepped away from the totality of All That Is, as soon as you began to experience things as an individuated consciousness, you entered the realm where everything is your creation. The only absolute principle at work here is that energy flows inherently in such a way that even as you create you, a matching context appears around you. It is the stage on which your Story plays out – in infinite versions without limit.

When you choose to go right at the fork, an equally valid version of you goes left. Both versions exist although by the current nature of your consciousness, within each version of reality you mostly perceive only one. Right now, you’re probably aware of only one version of you. As you make a new decision, you step into a new version, and a matching version of everything and everyone wraps itself around you. What that looks like is our classic definition of the Law Of Attraction. You attract into your experience, unique to you, moment by moment, that which matches the sum of your chosen beliefs and expectations.

So now let’s look what you probably consider the easier of those two creation opportunities, the hot meal, in the light of what’s really going on here. How do you go about it? Well typically you would say you go to the refrigerator and get out the food. You go to your kitchen drawer for your knives and utensils. You slice and dice the food. You put it in containers for cooking and put it on the stove or in the oven. After the right amount of time, you put it on plates and serve it. That’s the Story.

Now remember those words from above. You create everything moment by moment. The illusion you call reality SEEMS like a physical world around you, and it SEEMS like your senses tell you what it is and where you are in it. But it is not so. For example, you probably think of your sight as receiving information about your surroundings. However, you’ll be closer to the truth if you think of your sight as the projector of a movie, Your Movie, the one you are creating, onto the screen of your mind. So let’s look at what’s really happening here.

Your refrigerator does not exist, but when you walk into your kitchen, because you know it will be, there it is. You perceive it by creating it. You create it, and everything else in your world, on the fly. When you open the refrigerator door, there’s the food, but only because you knew it would be. Everything appears and behaves as you know it will. The refrigerator keeps the food cold and fresh because that’s what you believe about it. The stove and oven get hot when you turn them on, and the food changes as it heats up. You call that cooking. All of this happens because these are certainties you have stored away in your tapestry of expectations.

So right about now your autopilot mind (what MaryBeth calls the monkey mind) may be yelling at you “THIS CANNOT BE TRUE! This world looks so real, and flowing and continuous and solid!” And yet it IS true. This is the way you are creating it. You expect it to be this way and it is. We promise you that if you did not have these beliefs, the refrigerator and the food would not be there. There is no absolute version of a physical stove that can cook food. You and you alone bring all of this into “existence” moment by moment. This is how powerful you are.

So now let’s look at creating a new galaxy or two. In the same way as you knew in advance what the cooked food would look like, have you stored in that autopilot mind of yours what this galaxy will look like? And in the same way as you stored the ritual of preparing and cooking food, have you stored the recipe for creating galaxies? For most of you, the answers will be no. So what is your autopilot telling you about this particular creation opportunity? It’s probably something like .. “You’ve got to be kidding”. So not only are you on your own with this one, but your autopilot is telling you it can’t be done. We have arrived at the stark difference between these two opportunities.

This autopilot mind is where you have stored all your “truths” and your automatic reactions and responses. You have taught it all these things. It knows no other way of doing things except what you’ve taught it. It’s your genie in the bottle. In most ways it serves you brilliantly. You could not function without it. But there’s a few choices you’ve made that are no longer serving you, and if you want to create more fun in your life, you’re going to have to change some of that old story. It will take a little focus and attention. What you will be doing is the equivalent of either retraining, or just plain overriding, that autopilot.

Think back to when your autopilot was shouting .. “THIS CANNOT BE TRUE”. What was really going on there? Was it saying .. “This is not logical?” Well at first it might feel that way, but remember, it knows only what you have taught it. So here’s the important thing to get your mind around. It is not an independent judge of all things logical. All it CAN be saying is .. “This is not what you’ve taught me”. So now the questions for you become .. “What is the truth of all of this?” “What IS logical?”. And, if it’s new news .. “How then do I change my expectation tapestry?”

So what IS logical? Well each of you will need to make your own choice about this, and we understand there are many many different explanations of the nature of who you are and what you’re doing here. There is the physical-only story. There are all the different organized religions. There are many spiritual explanations. Many of these are incredibly detailed and complex. Many are, as you might expect, extrapolations into non-physical from what you know of your space/time world – with domains and boundaries, and numbers of this and that, and hierarchies and levels.
We submit that it is much more simple than that. The only thing that may seem complex at first is that you have, to some extent, to unlearn some of the ways you’ve learned to think in the physical world. As we have interacted with those in this community, we have redefined, and will continue to redefine, what we call the Absolutes and the Law Of Attraction. With each new understanding, the picture has simplified to the words we used at the start of this discussion. It provides a logical basis for answering every question you pose at us. We offer it as about as good an explanation as you can possibly get.

In this, as in all things, let your feelings be your guide. They are infallible. And if you decide that we are onto something here, then you now have your own logical basis for understanding the creative process. We invite you to contemplate this for a while here. Start to encourage that understanding within you. This is a great starting point. Can you begin to see how it can work? When you desire something, and your autopilot reacts against you, now you can be aware of what’s going on.

Start by acknowledging it for the powerful help it gives you every second of your life, but then move to the new thought. “Autopilot – here’s some new news. I determine what’s logical here and I declare that this is within our power to create. I choose to expect this. I embrace the feeling of BEing there. Join me on the journey. This is the right place for us. Let’s go together.” The mechanism of creation you see is the same for the hot meal as it is for the galaxy. The difference is ONLY what you have within you, stuck back there in that expectation tapestry. You made those old choices, and now it’s time for some new ones.  It’s time for Law Of Attraction made easy.

Let’s return here to some words you might have missed as we opened. “You’re not only creating your world, you’re also creating how you create it.” Do you get the significance of that. You’re not only playing the game, you’re creating the rules. We’ve given you here some thoughts and mechanisms, but ultimately, you are the creator of it all. If it feels good, take it and run with it, but above all, make it your own, because that is your preordained right. You are always at choice. Choose first, second, third, and always, that which feels good, because without that, you are stepping away from who you are.

We look forward with great joy to your questions, and for now we are complete.