Law Of Attraction Tips – The Five Key Ingredients. vBook Chapter 25

We’re going to talk give you some Law Of Attraction tips, but before we get to those, let’s repeat here what we often repeat about the Law Of Attraction and we want you to hear these words and really think about your reaction to them.
“You can have, be or do anything. There is nothing you cannot change.”
“Creating a galaxy is as simple as creating a hot meal.”
So what was your reaction? You might sort of believe it but internally water it down to something like – being positive is a generally good idea – and in that case you’re missing the point.
Or you might believe it theoretically but doubt your ability to personally live up to it. If this is you, then stick with us here and let’s see if together we can shift some of that for you.

Can you change your autopilot mind – your subconscious? The answer is yes of course you can. Changing your subconscious is an inherent part of creating something new. Our goal here is to expand your understanding of the way your thoughts control your world. so that as you become more aware of those thoughts, you become more expert at creating a world around you that lines up with what you want. So let’s first understand the mechanics of this, and then we’ll revisit some of your popular processes and see what’s actually going on when you practice these techniques. And by “you” here, we are talking about the thinking you that has made, and continues to make, ALL the decisions.

You chose at a very fundamental level the very shape of you, your consciousness – mostly perhaps focused down into one thought at a time. You chose how that conscious you interacts with what we loosely call your subconscious, but let’s come back to that in more detail shortly. You chose the illusion of physicalness with a preferred backstory (what you call your ”past”) – perhaps being born a human on a certain day and time of certain parents in a certain country on a 4 billion year-old earth rotating around a sun in a 13 billion year-old galaxy among many galaxies. You chose your non-physical world – perhaps with other entities – some similar to you and some like us. You chose and are choosing and will choose. Choice is an absolute and fundamental part of what you do.

So now let’s look at your autopilot, the subconscious, where you (just you and nobody else) have stored the beliefs and expectations that define everything about you and the context around you. In this subconscious resides all the choices about the physical you, your world and that “past” of yours that seem so important in determining who and where you are, the choices about how you do things, how you connect things and how you react to different things.

As a baby learning to walk, you try a few things and learn to balance on two legs. You try a few steps and eventually you learn to walk. You store all that away and unless you consciously choose to intervene for some reason, like playing hopscotch for example, you never think about where to place your feet again. You taught your subconscious to handle it, and it does. Similarly, you learned to talk. by which we mean you consciously learned and then taught your subconscious how to do it. Now when you speak, you choose a block of thought and your autopilot chooses the words and speaks them. And by the way, sometimes as you react, your autopilot also chooses the thought.
You taught it how Your World is. When you work up this morning, there it was – the bed, the walls, the floor, time and gravity. It was there because you knew it would be, but not because you consciously thought of it. Your subconscious provided the design and the Law Of Attraction provided the illusion.

Now consider going on a roller coaster ride. If you thought there was any real danger, you wouldn’t go on it, but your logical conscious mind says – this is safe. And yet when you reach the apex and dive into what seems like freefall, your subconscious is screaming “Danger” at you. Without that, once again you wouldn’t go on it, because there would be no thrill. What would happen do you think if you were forced to ride it for an hour every day? You would be training your autopilot that there is no danger here. Once that habit of thought takes over, the ride becomes boring.

Now consider climbing a hill with a slope on one side and a cliff on the other. Your autopilot handles climbing up the slope. It knows what to do and it sees no problem. Then say you stand at the top of the cliff and you recall our words that you can do anything. You can fly. It’s as simple to successfully fly off the cliff as it is to go down the way you came up, and it could be a lot more fun. Your autopilot is of course saying “Danger!”. What is your conscious mind saying? Well if you haven’t yet reached the point of certainty about flying, it’s probably saying “Not at this time”, and we would agree with that. We are not proponents of the idea “Jump and the parachute will appear”.

How then do you teach your subconscious a new habit of thought when you can’t safely practice the new way of doing things? And now we have arrived at the point of all of this. Since it’s all an illusion anyway, can you see that it’s your thoughts that created that current set of habits you’ve stored back there. New thoughts can create new habits. An “imagined” experience, without reservation, with eager anticipation, is every bit as powerful as a so-called real experience in planting new ideas about what’s possible. As with the roller coaster, it may take a few repetitions to overwrite the old story.

What we are on about here is retraining that immensely powerful subconscious that makes most of your decisions and handles most of your physical actions, to be in alignment with where you want it to be. As with the roller coaster, it has no independent ability to really decide what is logical and sensible. When it is screaming “Danger”, it is not by definition signaling danger. It is simply reacting in the way that you have previously taught it to react. It may FEEL like it is telling you of danger, but it cannot do that. Recognize here and now and take a stand with this subconscious of yours. It’s just the old program that you put there. So now let’s get to the reprogramming and our Law Of Attraction tips.

What are the key ingredients here?
 Releasing – mentally loosening your grip on that fake “reality”
 Being Aware – developing an ever-present ability to sense your feelings.
 Being Willing – choosing to intervene as you start heading downhill.
 Observing – being in the stands at the same time as you are on the field.
 Practicing – choosing processes that help. Adapting them. Using them.

Any process that gets you away from business-as-usual day-to-day month-month thinking can help. We’ll be going into these in more detail in our longer Q&A sessions with you, but in summary, here’s our favorites:
► “Letting Go” – the five-step process that many of our community have come to value.
► Meditation – which comes in many shapes. Any and all of them are useful.
► Appreciation Rampages – simply the quickest way to focus thought on happy things.
► Channeling – something all of you can do. A great tool.
► Finding like minds. Choosing company that supports you.
We look forward to our discussion.