Advanced Class On Law Of Attraction – Evolution Is Just A Back-Story – vBookChapter 27

We’ve been talking lately here about keeping it simple or getting to the advanced class on Law Of Attraction.  You can, and should, choose whichever path feels best to you.  At its simplest, always choose the better feeling thought.  And you can .. because your feelings are not a function of circumstances.  Let’s be clear here.  Your feelings are NEVER driven by circumstances.  They are a function ONLY of how you perceive your situation and how you’ve trained yourself to react.  And since any situation however dire can be turned around by choosing different things to believe about it, nothing is ever actually “dire”.

The question is – how do you perceive “reality”?  If it’s something real and solid, then all of that will sound totally ridiculous.  Whoever heard of such nonsense?  Well, nonsense it is not, but to explain how this can be, we have to go a little deeper, because if you stay with a simple-only Law Of Attraction philosophy, and you find that you’ve dug a big hole and you’re in it, it may feel like you have no way of climbing out of it.  So we’re going to go a little deeper here and encourage you to see that hole for what it really is.

Firstly these it no “reality” out there.  It’s a movie playing in your mind.  Everything you experience is an illusion that’s a vibrational match to the belief choices you have made and go on making.  Therefore, there is no hole you’ve ever created that cannot be uncreated.  How quickly can you do that?  Well it can be uncreated instantly if you know that it can.  If you’ve just fallen from a 1000 foot cliff, can you survive?  Only you know the answer to that, and if you have no answer it doesn’t matter, because the “worst” that can happen is that you’re about to transition into pure positive energy.

Your Movie is Your Story.  Your Story has been written by you – the conscious thinking you that is engaged with us here.  We often call it a tapestry of expectations – a finely woven, incredibly detailed and complex picture-frame upon picture-frame of everything in Your World.  And not one tiny piece of it was created. or ordained, or decided upon, or is kept in place by, anything or anyone other than you and your belief choices.  Now most of those choices were made and stored away in your subconscious, and you never bring them into consciousness.  They just sit back there as threads in that tapestry that forms your screenplay.

Just be clear about this.  There is nothing you cannot be, do or have.  There is nothing you cannot change.  And to really put this in perspective, let’s go a step further.  All of that sounds like it’s about your future.  Yes your future is clearly a choice.  And, get this, so is your past.  Yes that past of yours which you often see as what defines who you are and the circumstances you are in, yes that past is as much a work of fiction as your future is.  Memory is just another word for imagination.  You made it up and you go on making it up.  It’s your backstory.  So can you begin to see that whatever is looming as inevitable, is changeable?

Is the earth, 16 billion or 6 thousand years old?  Were all species created distinctly, or did all current life forms evolve from simpler organisms?  Were you born in a certain year of certain parents in a certain country?  Will you inevitably get old and physically degrade and die?  Well since you’re making it all up, you tell us.  Whatever you believe, IS your backstory.  None of it has any absolute truth to it except that which you choose to declare.  Does it matter?  Only in one sense, and that depends on you.  Ask yourself this.

Do you see your path right now like a set of rails, and you can you look back and you see that those rails came so certainly from that so-called ”past”?  You could tell us at great length about that journey and where the tracks went, and the stations and the waypoints and the people that were there.  (And you often do as if it’s important).  And are you clear that that’s the track that got you here to this present moment and situation?  And can you see it stretching out before you into your future?  Think about it.  If yes, then can you see why it’s tough to declare to yourself that you can easily change direction?

Here’s a process you can try.  Start to practice seeing your past as changeable.  Start by looking at some point in your future – let’s say a month from now.  Where would you really, really like to be?  What would you like to be?  How would you like to be?.  Now let’s go back a bit.  What version of your past would most easily get you into that future”  What set of train tracks would lead you to that place?  Get a picture of that.  Now start to live from THAT version of the past – more, and more, and more.  As you do that, this can become your past and be every bit as real as that other old story.  This is not a fantasy or an impractical delusion.  This is pragmatic, realistic creation in the best possible way.  This is your truth in its most absolute sense.

So keep it simple or go with what we’ve called the advanced class on Law Of Attraction.  Choose whichever path feels best to you, but if you find yourself unable to make sense of it all, if you are in that hole and cannot find your way out, we say .. begin anew at this point.  You can keep it shallow, but here’s the truth of it.  The deeper you go, the simpler it gets, because at your core, you are divine simplicity.  Begin to see more clearly who you are and what you are – a part of the collective consciousness of All That Is.  You are the glorious creator of everything.  If it’s in Your Story, you’re making it up.  So you might as well make it a good one, because you can.  We of course will go with you .. as deep as you want to go.