Secret Law Of Attraction – How Deep Do You Want To Go? vBook Chapter 26

Let’s start with the simplest of instructions.  All you really ever need to know about the secret Law Of Attraction is .. always choose the better feeling thought.  No matter what your belief system is, there’s little about that statement that’s likely to cause most of you a problem.  Being positive seems to be widely acclaimed as a good move – choosing to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.  And here’s the important thing to understand about making that choice.  People and circumstances cannot control your feelings.

You alone choose your thoughts.  Your thoughts control your feelings.  Therefore, by definition, you control your feelings.  Nobody can make you angry.  Nobody can make you happy.  Now you may have a long-established habit of reacting automatically in certain ways, but don’t confuse a subconscious automatic response as being inevitable.  It’s just a stored program.  It’s no more and no less than what you have programmed into your subconscious to do.  You CAN rewrite the program.  If you always choose that better feeling thought, you’ll do very well in this game of Life On Earth.

If you’re at all curious about why your thoughts are so important in your life, then we offer the next level of detail.  The Law Of Attraction in its simplest form is .. you get what you expect, consciously and subconsciously (and most of your expectations are subconscious – stored away and seldom thought of).  Now we realize that we’re heading into things metaphysical here, and if you’re a materialist, if your base assumption is that if there was anything non-physical you would be able to verify it by physical measurement, then we may be about to part company .  But perhaps consider this.

Even in scientific experiments, the consciousness of the observer has been shown to affect the result, and Quantum Physics has raised serious questions about the absoluteness of the physical model of reality.  We submit that you are first and foremost a consciousness, and that your thoughts have great power to affect your physical reality.  What you know as certainties, will always happen.  What you know as probable, will mostly happen.  What you know as possible, will sometimes happen.  What you know as improbable will happen rarely.  The impossible never happens.  This is the highly complex tapestry we call your expectations.

You may consider these expectations to be the result of you observing the world around you, but in fact, the opposite is true.  You’ve had a lifetime of making choices about what to believe.  By Law Of Attraction those choices have shaped your world.  If you spend energy regretting your past, or worrying about your future, by your focus on negative things, you create an expectation, and negative things occur.  Here’s why your feelings are important.  When you’re feeling good, you’re in effect training yourself to expect good things.  And good things will be the inevitable result of that.  You can create whatever you want.

So now if your mind runs to .. but how can this be?  Surely there’s a world of things and people out there making decisions and creating circumstances that I must deal with?  To adequately answer this we need to go to a much deeper level.  At this level we’ll be talking about concepts that may take you a while to get your mind around.  It took this one months to really understand all this and he’s still discovering the implications of it.  Here’s our promise to you.  Once you get it, you’ll have all your questions answered .. and the questions behind the questions, and you’ll discover how elegantly simple it really is.  Buckle up, here we go.

You’re a consciousness – an extension and always connected part of the Collective Consciousness of All That Is.  Your desires and intentions, your belief choices and expectations, define you.  They literally create you.  By the secret Law Of Attraction, as you make a new choice, you step into a new version of you, and a matching version of everything and everyone wraps itself around you.  This is the way in which you create your physical self, your physical world, AND your non-physical world, and these provide the context for your experience.   This is fundamental and absolute.  Everything else is your Story, your choice.

You are a not a physical being.  The time/space physicalness that is you and the world around you, is simply the stage on which your chosen Story is playing out.  You are a time-less non-physical consciousness having a time/space physical experience, and, to the extent that you choose it, a non-physical experience.   The experience is real.  The Story is a work of fiction.  The Story is simply the illusion that provides the context for the experience.  This context is a moment by moment creation of yours.  The stuff around you that looks like a solid, shared, continuous world, is not.  It is a collage of matching worlds – yours and those of the others in your life.  It is a movie playing in your mind.

When you woke up this morning, you created instantly around you the bed, the floor, the walls, time and gravity.  They were there because you knew they would be.  There was no energy, focus or attention required because this is what you expected – not at a conscious level but stored away in that tapestry of yours in the section called Certainties.  Are you beginning to see how powerful you are?  Can you see that as you make new choices, and expect the result to manifest, you step literally into a new version of reality and matching versions of everything are attracted into this reality.

You exist in many versions.  When you choose to go left at the fork, another equally valid version of you goes right.  Within the shape of the consciousness you have chosen, you are probably perceiving only one, but both versions simultaneously exist.  Each version has its own matching versions of people and things.  The miracle of the Law Of Attraction is that these collages look flowing, and continuous, and real, and believable.  Quite so.  That is the power of your creation.

So think on these things.  If you can begin to grasp all of this, you will have arrived at a place that many have yet to get to.  In this one’s world and probably also in yours, most of the so-called gurus of the secret Law Of Attraction are still wrestling with the “How”s of all of this.  But if you can have your world be anything you want (and you can), and so can those others out there, can you see that you cannot be sharing One World.  There is no such thing as a One World created somehow outside of you.  It is all an inside job.

So this is the elegant simplicity of it.  And now your questions will no doubt take on a different shape.  Now the task becomes, how do I create new probabilities in my expectation tapestry?  And new certainties?  And that is the task we will be spending more and more time upon as we intersect with you here on this path.  We look forward to your questions.  We enjoy our interactions immensely.  You are creating us in Your World even as we are creating you in ours.  Let’s dance.