Using Law Of Attraction – Where’s My Stuff? vBook Chapter 49

You Decide EVERYTHING! So what part of “You” and what part of “EVERYTHING” don’t you understand? Let’s explore this a little, because using Law Of Attraction means looking beyond this simple absolute truth about you and the world you’re creating, and beginning to see that many of the ideas you’ve adopted perhaps as “just the way things are”, as permanent fixtures in your Story, are really just part of what you’re making up. Of course, there’s nothing wrong or bad about any of them. It’s just that choosing to see things from the perspective of who you really are, makes it easier to step fully into that place of Peace and Power, and Fun and Freedom. And taking that step IS what it’s all about.

Let’s look at some examples of what those fixtures could be. There’s some obvious space/time worldly assumptions, like .. with age comes physical deterioration (we spoke of that last week) .. or .. because yesterday I set that train of events into motion, this is now going to happen .. or even .. tomorrow the sun will rise in the east as always. But there’s also perhaps some non-physical fixtures, like .. there’s a lag time between choosing something new and the manifestation of it .. or .. somebody or something outside of me created me and has a purpose for my life. Let’s take a look today at these last two as a way of understanding ALL of the choices you can make.

Let’s start with who “You” is. By “You” we mean the conscious thinking you that’s intersecting with us here on this call. Yes of course there are other aspects to You. There’s a superconsciousness that includes your higher self. It holds the blueprint for your world, the map of your previously chosen beliefs and expectations. And all of that is linked inseparably to everything else in the Universe and back to All That Is. But there’s nothing in all of those other aspects that makes decisions for you or about you. Those are like resources you have available to You. By choice you can expand that “You” consciousness at any time, but whatever its shape, that thinking You is always calling the shots and making the decisions.

As You make a new decision, You experience a new version of You and a new version of your context. We have a context – it’s nothing like yours, but, like you, we and our realm are an inseparable one-ness. Your context is everything you experience – the physicalness that’s you and your world, AND the non-physical aspects your have chosen to be a part of that experience. If you’re experiencing something (whatever that “something” is), you’re making it up. So is there, for example, such a thing as manifestational lag? Here’s some words from our friends Abraham.

“What [you] think and how [you] feel, and what manifests, is always a vibrational match. But here’s the big kicker. What manifests isn’t manifesting instantaneously.. Manifestation is never right where the powerful leading edge energy is.. Manifestation always lags behind.. Like most humans’ you’re focused on what-is. We playfully tell you, you have what-is-itis because .. if it’s chronic in your vibration, it holds you back from who you are. Without meaning to, as you move through time .. your beliefs are usually not keeping up with your desires. In fact, for most humans, not even close.”

By Law Of Attraction, you attract into your experience, moment by moment, unique to you, wanted or unwanted, the sum of your beliefs and expectations. When you woke up this morning, the bed, the floor, the walls, time, gravity and the whole shooting match were there, instantly, without focus, energy or attention, because, and only because, you knew they would be. Such is the absolute power of You being aligned with your superconscious. Abraham are really not saying there’s some inbuilt absolute mechanism in the Law Of Attraction that’s sets a timer before each new desire can manifest. What they’re saying is that it’s that blueprint of your expectations that creates, and we would add, it’s a moment by moment, instantaneous creation.

Now here’s our “kicker”. If you choose to believe that there’s a manifestational lag, then your world will conform to that, and there’s nothing “wrong” with that choice. We just want you to see past the seeming absoluteness of that statement “manifestation always lags behind” to the truth of the power that you really have. The only lag that can possibly exist is caused by the fact that you haven’t chosen to truly expect what you desire. If you and your superconsciousness are at odds, sometimes it takes a little time before you can practice yourself into alignment. But that like everything else is a choice.

Let’s look at that other fixture some of you have, that somebody or something outside of you created you and has a purpose for your life, or is looking out for you and protecting you, or is arranging things in your world in line with some grand plan (often expressed as “everything happens for a reason”). We say that there is nothing and nobody but You making the decisions – ALL the decisions. This week from our friend Mike Dooley, the Universe, came: “What’s most important, is that you’re here. A million times less important is what you do here, when, where and with whom. Be here now. Figuring out why you’re here, is also not nearly as important as just honoring that it was a phenomenally good idea.”

Here’s our kicker once again. If you choose to believe any of these things, your world will conform. Each chosen belief comes with its own life-support system, because you and your context will always match that belief. If for you, that chosen belief is a fun way to play your game of Life on Earth, then we say play on, because once again, there’s nothing “wrong” with that choice or any of the other choices you’ve made. It’s just that sometimes we see you trapped by one or more of those fixtures of yours, and your life is nothing like the glorious adventure you came here to experience. Then we say, it’s time to revisit those fixtures of yours, and change the ones that are now getting in the way.

So that highly elaborate and detailed blueprint of your expectations is the key to everything. You created it by your choices. Mostly you’ve forgotten what those choices were, but here’s the important part, none of it can remain a mystery if you decide to go exploring. Let’s use a wild example. We know that you’d have this in the highly improbable category, and so it’s not going to happen, but imagine this. You hear a snort and turn around to find a horse has just walked into your room. Now you immediately have a whole set of expectations that come into play – it’s fun, or it’s dangerous, or whatever. Until we said this, you weren’t conscious of any of those expectations. But none-the-less, you had them, and you can always know what any of them are, simply by exploring.

You Decide EVERYTHING! Can you see who “You” is? Do you now understand what “EVERYTHING” is? Can you see that you’re always using Law Of Attraction whether you know it or not.  You can’t change the essential nature of who you are and your relationship with All That Is. But everything else is up for grabs. It’s all about deciding what you want, and then focusing on bringing that superconsciousness of yours into alignment with it. Of course there’s a ton of processes that can help, but the journey will be easier if you will just start with recognizing and acknowledging what sits beneath it all. Let’s do a little expansion on that right now and see if we can step together into that place of Peace and Power, and Fun and Freedom.