Law Of Attraction Guide – “I Was Horrifed!” That Tells You Something. vBook Chapter 62

We’ve often said the truth of who you are and why you’re here is elegantly simple. And, as you might expect, it is. You don’t have to spend years studying theology. There’s no inherently complicated spiritual structure behind it all. You don’t have to go through life after life to progress towards enlightenment. There’s no purpose you’re here to fulfill. There’s no “old souls” or “new souls”. There can’t be, because time is something that only exists in worlds like this physical stage you’re currently choosing to play on. You’re all infinitely “old”. You’re all “simultaneously” occupying infinite versions of you playing in infinite games in an infinite variety of realms. One version of you is us.

When we say that in this Law Of Attraction guide, some of you think .. well that’s not simple, that’s mind-blowing. Well, yes, we’ll grant you that you have to start thinking outside the box of your old ideas. And yes, you could describe that as mind-blowing, but that doesn’t make it complex. You’re a time-less always-connected extension of the collective consciousness of All That Is. Your thoughts created you and continue to create you and the matching world that surrounds you. That’s it. That’s the whole shooting match. That’s the basis of EVERYTHING. If complexity exists, it’s because you created it. You can, and do, make up complex stories. But at the core of it all, it’s simple.

So if it’s that simple, how come we’re intersecting here once again today and answering your questions about how to create things differently? Because in some versions of you, perhaps the particular version you’re consciously inhabiting right now, you’ve become so engaged in your story, so caught up in the details and the apparent reality of this space/time world you’ve created, that you’ve forgotten who you are. Then your mind might jump to .. well if that’s true, then how come almost nobody around here understands that? We say, don’t look to the world “around here” for answers, because that world will always be your matching creation. Look within. It’s your story.

So then some of you respond with OK you get who you are, and you get the Law Of Attraction and all that stuff, but you’re still not manifesting what you want. Why is it so hard? Well let’s spend some time today on what it is that you want, and what makes it hard or easy. By Law Of Attraction, every-body and every-thing in your world is a match to what you have chosen to believe and expect. Those choices set the boundaries of the stage you are creating and upon which you are playing your game. Your choices are all made consciously. Then they’re stored away super-consciously in what we call your tapestry of expectations.

Your certainties will always show up. Your impossibilities will never show up. Your probabilities and possibilities will be as you have judged them to be – likely or unlikely. Let’s start by looking at what’s easy for you – your certainties. When you woke up this morning, you didn’t wake up into a world that’s external to you. You stepped consciously once more onto your stage – with space and time and gravity and light, and a bed and floor and walls and windows. It was all there instantly, without focus, energy or attention, because you knew at all levels of your being, consciously and super-consciously, with absolute certainty that it would be. You were in alignment about it.

If there’s something you want, and it seems difficult to manifest, it’s always, ALWAYS, because consciously or super-consciously, you have a stored belief that contradicts it. So to manifest something easily and instantly, you could simply choose, at all levels, to be certain about it. How on earth do you do that? We suggest start here. Give up on the idea that you decide what’s likely by observing what-is and making rational decisions. You don’t. It’s not the world that shows you what’s probable. It’s your decisions about what’s probable that show you your world. What you believe, becomes.

Once you’ve got that radical idea down, once you’ve consciously locked onto knowing that it’s your belief-choices that create everything, now it’s time to create that same “knowing” in your super-conscious. And the good news is that you can use the same process you used to create that tapestry in the first place. You make a conscious decision, then re-make it, then make it again. Practice. Practice. Practice. Find the processes that work for you and commit to using them. Nothing is more important than that.

Now, very obviously, you don’t have to be certain about everything for it to show up. You’ll notice in this Law Of Attraction guide we’re saying certainties show up easily and instantly. Probabilities show up a little less easily and/or take a little time. Possibilities – even more so. The important thing to be aware of is, are there showstoppers sitting in that tapestry of yours – you’ll never amount to anything, money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to face reality .. and so on? If you ask yourself what you truly believe, and then listen, you will know by how you feel. Listen quietly. Listen deeply. Listen fearlessly (because you have nothing to fear). You will feel when you’re out of alignment and needing some focus.

This week one of our members said “but it’s not as simple as you make it sound”. She said that she’d had a long-standing belief about how youthful she looked and yet the other day one of her clients had described her as that “old” person. She was “horrified”, and she saw this as a clear example of how her beliefs were not creating her reality. As we talked with her, she began to see what she really believed. Do you see that if that so-called long-standing belief of hers had been a certainty, she could never have been “horrified”, because she would have known without even thinking that the client was describing someone else. And she would have been absolutely right.

Let’s also talk a little here about what Deepak Chopra calls detachment. If there’s something you really want, notice how you’re holding it. Eager anticipation is wonderful. Doubt and second guessing yourself is going to keep you out of alignment with it and then it cannot manifest. So be detached in a sense from the end result. Allow it to flow naturally. Allow something even better to show up. Settle back into the general knowing that you are the creator of it all, and if you just choose thoughts that feel good, then you can know with certainty that you’re heading towards what you want.

When you really get down to it, knowing the fundamentals of who you are, what you discover is that life IS meant to be easy, that the greatest joy comes from knowing your power to create anything, and using that power – for this today and for something different tomorrow . From Abraham this week: When you are really in the flow with your Inner Being, ideas come easily—they are implemented easily. It’s fun while you are in the process of them, and it doesn’t matter how they unfold; and nothing can go wrong, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it done, it’s just fun to do it. Your Inner Being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.

If something happens to you that you “can’t believe”, stop and think, because two things are for sure. One is that you DO believe it – at least that it’s a possibility, and the other is, whether you love it or like it, or hate it, it IS a match to who you are right now. If you love it, embrace it and revel in your creative ability. If you hate it, embrace your new-found insight and, once again, revel in your creative ability. And then from that evolving place of awareness, answer the perennial question, what do you want NOW?
Let’s move to our longer discussion, and to your questions.