Law Of Attraction Happiness – Is Joy Really #1? And If So, How Do You Get There? – vBook Chapter 63

Is joy really #1? And if so, how do you get there? Let’s examine these questions about Law Of Attraction happiness, and because there’s simply no way to answer them unless we start from the fundamentals of who you are, let’s begin there. As we talk here today about the “Absolute You”, see if you can, for just a short time here, allow your ideas about yourself to expand beyond the now-version of you in the now-version of your story (and as we’ll be discussing today, those two things, you and your story, are really one and the same thing). Come sit on the crescent moon with us for a while and let’s contemplate infinity. Here we go.

You are All-That-Is experiencing itself. You are a non-physical, time-less, space-less consciousness. Your desires and intentions create you out of that Collective Consciousness. You are an always-connected part of that Source, interacting with other parts of that Source. As you shift and flow and interact, you have experiences. These experiences lead to new choices and new desires, and so the evolution continues. This defines the shape of your consciousness and the matching “you” you experience and the context around you – by which we mean, it creates the physical (and non-physical) you and your worlds. You call that the Law Of Attraction.

Rachel last week pointed this one to an image that’s another simple way of thinking of these infinite absolutes. It’s from Anna Goldstein of Self In The City, and it’s a sequence she calls Perspective 101. It goes like this.
1. Something happens.
2. It means nothing
3. We make up a story about what it means.
4. The story we make up creates our reality. It creates our world. It creates what’s possible and what’s not possible.

We say .. amen. This is the sequence that is the endless time-less repeating story of you – before, and in, and beyond, your now-story.
Something happens.
 It means nothing
 You make up a story about what it means.
 The story you make up creates your reality. It creates your world. It creates what’s possible and what’s not possible.
… and so it goes, on and on.

From Bashar: In a theater that shows many plays, there may be some props back-stage that are frequently used for several different plays. For each play, that prop has a special meaning, but outside that play, the prop has no innate, intrinsic, built-in meaning.. All the events that you experience as “happening” in your life are “neutral props”. Each event you experience has no innate intrinsic built-in meaning.. And from this “blank slate”, [you] get to assign any significance or meaning [you] wish for each event [you] experience.
As we often say, what you believe, becomes, and you are the one who chooses what to believe.

Now let’s look at that “always-connected” piece of which we spoke, because here’s where Law Of Attraction happiness comes into the picture. When that connection is strong, you feel that in every fiber of your being. You feel good. You feel fantastic. You feel ecstatic. You’re in-synch with the Universe. You’re moving in the direction of your desires. You’re being and experiencing that which you created yourself to be and experience. But sometimes you find yourself heading in the opposite direction. You can never break your connection to Source, but you can pull against it. That’s what you experience as negative emotion. That’s when you feel bad.

So here’s the simple and absolutely fundamental truth of it. If you’re feeling good, you’re being and doing what you created yourself to be and do, and heading strongly in the direction of your desires – and those, once again, all of those mean exactly the same thing. You choose your desires and intentions, even as your desires and intentions define who you are. You are exquisitely one with your desires. You exist because of them. You are creatures of desire, eternally at choice in all things, trying this and that, choosing new worlds to create and play within. Are you starting to see why we’re always going on about the importance of feeling good?

You could say that your emotions are a by-product of your choices. You could say therefore that joy is not #1, that joy is just the byproduct of doing what you came here to do. And we won’t disagree with you. We would just say that those things are inseparable. You can’t experience joy unless you’re heading towards what you’ve created yourself to be and do, and you can’t be and do that unless you’re feeling good. You’re all joy-seekers. Everything you do is done because you think it will make you happier, and there’s not one of you will persist with something or anything for one second beyond the time that you believe that it will.

Now if we climb down from our perch on the moon, and come at this from a worldly perspective, we know that for some of you, it looks as though we are being superficial. Surely, you say, there must be some more lofty or divine purpose to all of this that I need to discover, and that cannot be just my own self-gratification. What about those selfless people that put their own needs aside, and become shining examples of serving others for the greater good of mankind?

Well we would say that’s One-World thinking. You’re thinking of that world as “out there”, as something external to you, as something you have to deal with, as something you have to be compassionate about. Of course there’s nobody on the planet who doesn’t feel good being caring and compassionate, but we say, once you understand that the world is not “out there” at all, once you’ve wrapped your mind around the idea that it’s merely a reflection of you, then what used to seem important, and reasonable, and responsible, and logical, gets turned on its head. Changing something in that world is not simply a matter of DOing the right thing and supporting just causes.

Recognize that the starting point for changing anything about anyone is making a new belief choice, creating something new in you and allowing a new matching version of everybody and everything to wrap itself around you. Of course, at any point in time, do what feels good, but the greatest compassion you can show for anybody, is to know that you can create things differently, and then to choose to believe things about you, and them, and the world, that make your heart sing, that bring great joy to you. And then watch what shows up.

From Bentinho Massaro: If you’re not happy, you’re not helping.
From Bashar: Being yourself .. is how you perform the best service to everyone else.
We say, you cannot intersect with the happy, connected versions of others until you step into the happy, connected version of you. So when you get down to it, joy is #1. And the way you experience that, is to get into alignment with your desires, recognize that when you settle comfortably and confidently into the role of being the creator you came here to be, you will soar. And everything around you will be soaring right along with you. It must. It can do nothing else.

From Abraham last week, the same thought, just expressed a little differently: People say, “The joy is in the journey,” but they rarely understand what they are saying. You are in this focused time/space reality with goals and objectives that call you because as you identify a desire it literally summons life through you. Life summoning through you is what it’s all about —it’s not the completion of anything.
In other words, Law Of Attraction happiness is not about manifestation. It’s always about, what do I want NOW, and NOW is a different story than then. You are always at choice.

And now we move to our longer discussion and your questions.