Manifesting Your Desires – Your “Story” Is Everything .. And Nothing! – Chapter 73

Welcome to this discussion on manifesting your desires – the art of consciously creating what you want, or because were getting right into the nuts and bolts of it here, perhaps we should more accurately describe it as the science of deliberate creation. As we all gather together, and you seek to have the Law Of Attraction explained (or at least some aspect of it), so we respond with different ways of looking at it. Last week we encouraged you to keep it simple with the definition – “What you choose to believe .. becomes”. This week we’re going to come at this from the aspect of your Story by looking at what’s in your Story and how you can change it. Let’s start here.

You all have a Story that’s Your Story and nobody else’s Story.
That Story creates you – everything about who, and what, and where.
You create that Story by what you choose to believe and expect.
Each version of “you” you create and step into, comes with its own matching context.
Nothing that’s happened up till now, limits your new, now, choices.
New choice, plus alignment with new choice, equals new Story, equals new everything.
This adventure of yours is all about creating new things. That’s the fun part. That’s why you’re here.

So that’s manifesting your desires with the Law Of Attraction, explained in yet another way. So now what? Well let’s go into a little more detail here, and then we’ll talk some more about how you make a new choice, and more importantly, how you make it stick to become a new you, and thereby create a new world around you. We’re going to use this one’s Story as an example, but you all have similar Stories, and so we encourage you to put yourself into this picture as we paint it here. When we say this one’s Story is, we encourage you to think .. and my Story is …

We’re going to start with the least significant aspects of your Stories and progress to the most significant or fundamental choices you’ve all made. Even as we get into this, see it for what it is – a backstory. And by that we mean, for each of you, it’s the story you tell yourself and everybody else to explain who and what you are. Just as in a movie there’s something that leads you into it, a synopsis to position you within the plot that’s about to unfold, so this is your synopsis. And without giving the ending away, we’ll just say, as with most movies, it’s a work of fiction.

He was born in Adelaide, South Australia in the year 1940. Australia is a continent on a round planet earth, the only inhabited planet in its solar system, in a milky way galaxy that is just one of billions of galaxies. He had parents. He has a sister. He survived more or less successfully though primary, secondary and tertiary education to become an electrical engineer, then a software engineer, then a manager and finally a business owner here in these United States. He was married and divorced in Australia, and then hooked up here with Eva who he’s been with now for thirty plus years. And your Story is …

In terms of his understanding of the nature of things, he began with Christianity which never, for him, delivered on the promise, and required him to accept things on faith that seemed to make no sense at all. It was Eva that got him to where he heard the Law Of Attraction explained by Esther Hicks channeling Abraham. For the first time, it was an explanation that seemed logical, and it was the start. Then came this community, and us, and it all opened up very dramatically from then on. He’s still seeking to inject more abundance and more creative mojo into his world and his life. And your Story is ..?

In terms of the shape of his consciousness, he has a conscious thinking processor that mostly focuses on one thing at a time, and a subconscious processor that is a thousand times more powerful, that makes most of the decisions exactly as its been trained to do, and handles all the details. And your Story is ..?
In terms of how he thinks about his “past”, he has approximately 473 things he strongly regrets about choices he made, and about 3 things he feels very good about. We’re just joking with those numbers of course but the emphasis is about right and we are always encouraging him to flip those statistics, because he knows now that he is, at his essence, a time-less space-less consciousness. And in terms of creating what he wants, he knows the importance of feeling good, and he knows that regrets don’t feel good. And your Story is ..?

So all of that, and much much more of course, is his Story. It defines who and what he is. It defines the world he wakes up into every morning. It defines his body. It defines Eva. It defines his dog. Within this one version of him and his Story, it defines who we are, and it defines who you are, because the version of us and you that shows up here in these intersections, is a match to that Story of his. So that Story is everything. AND, that Story is nothing. It’s nothing because as we said at the start, it’s a work of fiction. All of it is an invention. It’s important only as the stage you’ve made up as the context for your experiences.

Until we started that part about his essence, about being a consciousness, there’s nothing absolute and “true” about ANY of it. None of it matters a hill of beans. It’s just a stage. It’s a wonderful, and complex, and important stage of course. It’s the place his choices have led him to. And it’s also a cage. The extent to which all of you find yourself struggling, is the extent to which you are allowing Your Story to hold you captive. Are there things about your life you want to shift? Are you feeling trapped because your circumstances are inhibiting you? Is this world of yours an uncomfortable place to be? Your Story is ..?
Well you aren’t here to struggle, and you’re not here to be constrained. You’re here to have fun and revel in the joy of creating new stuff. What stuff? Any stuff! So let’s get down to it and look at these key steps to manifesting your desires.

1. Be aware of how you feel. When you slip into a place of not feeling good, know it. It’ll range from feeling a little lost in life, or being bored, through to frustration and anger and depression. Ask yourself right now, how often you find yourself on the wrong end of the emotional guidance scale? How often do you wake up into a mediocre world? Don’t settle. Don’t settle for feeling bad because you’re heading directly away from the things that are calling you. Promise yourself right here and now, from now on, you’re going to be aware of how you feel.

2. Recognize that it’s just a Story. Think about how you felt as we went through these ideas with us. Allow yourself to be detached from that Story. Observe. See yourself in the stands rather than just on the field because none of it is “true”. You’re the creator of that Story, not a victim trapped within it. It matters not whether you want to think of Life On Earth as some sort of a prior agreement, or as just the end result of a gazillion on-going choices. None of that matters. You’re here and you’re here now. The only important question is – So now what?

3. Practice making powerful choices. You have the ability. It’s inherent within you. Find it. “I can’t seem to do it” is just a repeat of the old Story. Write down what you want. Look at it. Then expand on it. Get into joy about the scope of the things you can create. There is no limit to this except the ones you wrote into that old tale you tell about you and what you can and can’t do. Story begone. New day dawning. Let’s catch the sunrise. If the detail trips you up, go general. If the “How’s” creep into it, detach yourself from how. We encourage you to get into eager anticipation of your new day, and your new you, and your new everything else.

4. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. Start with a whole lot of self-compassion and appreciate yourself for the magnificent creator you are. Then appreciate this new version of the world you’re stepping into. Appreciate the things in it and appreciate the things that are coming. Appreciate the new versions of your friends that are showing up and the new relationships you’re stepping into. Appreciate the way your consciousness is expanding. Appreciate how easy this is, because easy IS the way it can be in every aspect of your experience.

5. Make 1-4 above a regular routine. Make it a daily routine. Make it an hourly routine. Make it a way of life. When we said above “New choice, plus alignment with new choice, equals new Story, equals new everything”, this routine is what creates that alignment. The routine is what teaches your superconscious the new Story. And once you are aligned, then here’s our promise to you. You will catch yourself more and more in the act – in the act of creating what you want. You will be increasingly in the place Peace and Power, and Fun and Freedom. And it will feel like coming home to who you are.

Your Story is your stage. Your Story can also be your cage. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. Nothing. There is nothing you cannot change. Nothing. Is your Story a cage? Well those 5 points above are the key to that cage. Take the key. Let yourself out. There’s nothing in that Story of yours that has the slightest power to affect your now, or your future, except that which you give it by what you choose to believe about it.

We are, of course as always, here to help with all of this. You have but to ask. Our compassion for you is beyond words. Let’s move now to our longer discussion and your questions.