Understanding The Law Of Attraction, But Also Keeping It Simple – Chapter 72

Welcome to our discussion. You’ll note we titled this as understanding the Law Of Attraction but keeping it simple. We want you to really understand how things work, because that understanding gives you confidence. We also know how important it is in creating the things you want in this world, to not get lost in the enormity of these ideas. That presents a challenge, but we’re going to rise to meet that challenge. Here we go.

This week we’re going to review the fundamentals and our Law Of Attraction definition, but then we’re going to get back to the simple concepts that will most easily help you create what you want, because theory is no use without practice, and practice is what this discussion is really all about. We’ve been wrestling with some meaty subjects over the last few weeks, and as we get into topics like death, topics that by their very nature take us beyond time and space, it’s seems that our discussions get inevitably a little esoteric, because we’re discussing infinite concepts with language from a familiar and very finite world. And some of you get a little bamboozled as you try to take it all in.

Of course, the truth at core of everything is elegantly simple. Then along comes you and your story, and that’s where the complexity starts, because you are imagining this space/time world of yours into existence, and there’s no limits to your imagination or your creation. It’s a complex world, and because you’re immersed within it, and engaged with it, and thinking within its frames of reference, it’s natural for you to want to define and explain everything using the familiar concepts of that context. You ask questions like ”When I die, what happens next? Who or what will I see?”

Well, “when” and “next” are time-based words. To “see” requires physical eyes. And you will be in a non-physical, time-less, realm. So can you see that the question has, by definition, taken us beyond your familiar concepts, and therefore when we wrestle with the words in our answers, it often gets to be a bit of a mind-stretch for you. So let’s start with the simple, elegant, absolute, truth. Then we’ll work our way through some of that apparent complexity as smoothly as we can, and then get to the take-home stuff – a simple Law Of Attraction definition, and simple ideas that will serve you in your day to day, on-going creation, of Life On Earth.

Your scientists are seeking a Theory Of Everything – a comprehensive explanation of the nature of things that reconciles the Newtonian world with the world of Quantum Physics. Well, here’s our “Theory Of Everything”. As we said, it’s simple. It’s the truth of all things in all times and spaces and in no times and no spaces.

The Absolute Description Of Everything
You’re a time-less, space-less consciousness, an always-connected extension of the collective consciousness of All That Is. You’re defined by, and exist because of, the creative power of your desires and intentions, and chosen beliefs and expectations. You always exist within a context that matches who you are. When you choose a new belief, and it becomes at all levels an expectation, you step into a new version of you in a new matching context.

That’s it. It’s the alpha and the omega. It’s the complete story of you, and you are the creator of it all.

When you choose a new belief, and it becomes at all levels an expectation, you step into a new version of you in a new matching context.
Do you see how those words reveal the truth about what you call the Law Of Attraction. Do you see why we say it’s fundamental to every part of who and what you are, and everything you experience. Let’s look at some Law Of Attraction definitions.

From Abraham: That which is like unto itself, is drawn.
Our words on this would be, everything about you and your context, is a perfect match.

From Michael Losier: I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy, and focus to, whether positive or negative.
These are good words, but there’s more to the story than this. Rather than attract to your life, we would say, attract into your experience, because your worlds are not real. They are a virtual reality you’re creating in order to have those experiences. And much of that virtual reality is not a function of your right-now focus or attention. It’s there because of your stored tapestry of expectations.

So our definition goes like this. You attract into your experience, moment by moment, unique to you, a version of you and your physical and non-physical worlds that matches the sum of your chosen beliefs and expectations.

We say “moment by moment” because there is no ongoing solid world. It’s like the frames of a movie that looks flowing and continuous, but each frame is a now creation.
We say “unique to you” because there is no shared world. There’s just the virtual world you’re creating, and within it are the versions of everything and everybody that are a match to you.
We say “version” because with every new choice you step into a new version of you and your virtual reality. Those “others” you have invited in are all a match to you, even as you, in their virtual reality, are a match to them. Infinite matching versions of reality simultaneously exist.

OK OK, you might be thinking, but understanding the Law Of Attraction in this way is all a bit mind-blowing. We say just step back from it a bit, and see how elegantly simple it is. You’re in charge of everything. EVERYthing. But OK we get that trying to imagine different versions of you existing simultaneously can be tricky at first. It’s absolute truth, but it’s not the way you’re used to thinking. So let’s get to some simple ways of looking at life.

Our simple Law Of Attraction definition is: What you choose to believe, becomes.
Every belief is a choice. Beliefs are not a function of what-is, because beliefs create what-is. To step into a new what-is, choose to believe something new. And then as Abraham says, “Allow it. Line up with it.” Our words would be .. practice that new chosen belief into every fiber of your being until it becomes a part of your expectation tapestry. “Know” it consciously, subconsciously, and superconsciously. That, is true alignment. When you have alignment, you have manifestation.
What you choose to believe, becomes.

And since we’ve been discussing this of late, here’s a simple way of looking at “death”. It’s a choice you make like every other choice, but this choice is a choice to exit this space/time reality. Like waking up from a dream, you will know inherently the realm you’ve stepped into is more real than that space/time game you chose to leave. Your consciousness will expand to see way beyond where you were. You will know more powerfully your connection to Source, and the power and joy and freedom of that connection. And you’ll be clear about your ability to choose new things and create in new ways. But it’s just another new choice. And on you go.

Here’s the simple way to know when you’re on-course to what you want. You feel good. When you’re off-course, you feel bad. So very simply, be aware of your feelings.
From Abraham this week: How do you feel about those things that you’re giving most of your attention to? If there’s something in your life that gives you negative emotion almost every time you think about it, we would do anything that we could do to get that negative thing out of our awareness.”
Indeed and amen. Don’t settle ever, ever, ever, for feeling bad. Every time you choose to feel better, it makes a huge difference. Nothing is more important than choosing to feel good.

And part of that choice to feel good, may mean choosing to keep it simple. We’ll always be encouraging you into a better understanding of the Law Of Attraction.  We’re always going to offer you the bigger picture because we want you to know more completely who you are because then you’ll be able to figure out the answer to every question you have, and more freely go where you’ve never gone before. But you’re the one who’s in charge here. Accept nothing from anybody or any entity that in any way does not seem like it’s a fit for you. As always, take what feels good. Leave the rest.