Welcome. What are you looking for when you search for Law Of Attraction love? Are you looking for the love of your life, your soul mate, someone who’s a truly great match for you and with whom you can share your life?? If so, we are going to give you the best practical advice you could ever possibly get. We make that claim confidently because we know who you are, and we know how it is you attract whoever and whatever it is that shows up in your experience. It will not be what many would propose as “down to earth” advice, because advice that fits that category, that starts and ends with DO this and DO that, entirely misses the point. You can’t start there and get where you want to go.

Perhaps when you search for Law Of Attraction love, you’re looking more generally to find love in everything and thereby love everything, including yourself? Once again we’ll be covering that, because as you’ll see, they may seem like different things, but they’re not. Because experiencing love, as with everything, is all about deciding what you want and lining up with it. If you’re NOT lined up with your desires, there’s no amount of DOing in this lifetime, or a hundred lifetimes, that can bring about what you want. If you ARE in alignment with what you want, there’s no-body, and no-thing, and no entity in heaven or on earth, that can hold you apart from that experience.

What then is love? That word “love” of course, means very different things to different people in different contexts, but we’ll give you our definition. And to do that, we need to start from the absolute essence of who you are. You’re a consciousness – a time-less, space-less, always-connected extension of the collective consciousness of All That Is (or Source, or the Universe, or God, if you prefer). Love is the discovery of, the awareness of, the experience of, and the acknowledgement of, this connectedness that’s a fundamental part of who you are. And as with every experience you have that’s aligned closely with your essence, it feels good, it feels wonderful, it feels ecstatic.

There are four things that are true whether you believe them or not.
1. Who you are at your core is as we just described. You cannot choose to be something else.
2. Your emotional guidance system, is not a choice. You always know, by how you feel, whether you’re heading toward, or away from, what you want.
3. The Law Of Attraction is not a choice, it’s absolute. It just is. It describes how you and everything you experience, matches what you choose to believe about the things you ARE at choice about.
.. and those are ..
4. Everything that’s not 1, 2 or 3 above.

Everything about heaven or earth, or any realm, is “true” or “not true” because of what you believe about it. There’s not One World “out there”. You exist within your own personal virtual reality. If it contains things with shapes, and time, and gravity, and humans, and plants, and animals, and trees, on a round planet earth, in a solar system in a galaxy in deep space, these are all there because, and only because, you choose to believe that’s how things are. If there is birth, and death, and taxes, and astrology, and chakras, and feng shui, and karma, and old souls and young souls, and angels and demons, and good and evil, you are creating them all from your expectations.

So is there a soul mate of yours out there on the planet somewhere, that perfect match to you, that if you can just find and get hooked up with, then all will be perfect? Well, you tell us. That’s a choice you make. There’s nothing absolute about soul mates, and in truth, you will always attract into your experience the versions of people and things that are a match you and the gazillion choices you’ve made. And none of them is a right or wrong choice. They’re all just choices. If believing in a soul mate feels like a fun way to play the game, then we say play on. But here’s the important part of all of this. No choice is cast in stone. You can always make a new choice and line up with it.

This week this one came across on YouTube, Hub’s “man speech” from the movie Secondhand Lions: Just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean you can’t believe in it.. Sometimes the things that may or may not be true, are the things that a man needs to believe in the most – that people are basically good, in honor, courage, and virtue in everything, that power and money.. mean nothing, that good always triumphs over evil. And I want you to remember this. Love, true love, never dies.. It doesn’t matter if they’re true or not you see. A man should believe in those things, because those are the things worth believing in.

It’s a very One World movie of course, but it gets amazingly close to the Absolute truth of it. If you do a search on YouTube and watch that movie clip, notice how you feel when you hear those words. Chances are, you’re going to feel really good. And what does that mean? That’s means these beliefs are aligned with the essence of who you are. There are no “should”s of course, but with a bit of license, here’s our version of Hub’s “man speech”.

Sometimes things that may or may not be the so called “truth” about that world of yours, are the things you need to believe in the most, because when you choose to believe whatever you want to believe, that choice in itself makes it “true” – that people are basically good, that there’s honor, courage, and virtue in everything, that you have the power and freedom to create a world of joy and peace in which good things happen, and that love, true love, is yours for the asking. You should believe in feel-good things like these because these are the ONLY things worth believing in.

So soul mate or no soul mate, how do you find love? By choosing to believe that it’s possible. And by believe we don’t mean hope. Hope is a start, but unless you step through that hope into belief, hope remains an empty promise. Allow yourself to move beyond it to possible, then to probable, and then beyond that to certainty. It’s your choice. It’s always all your choice. It starts with what do you want NOW, and continues to a new expectation. Get into the BEing place of having what you want. Allow yourself to move from .. could happen .. to will happen .. to IS happening. Imagination is everything. And as you practice by imagining, you are lining up with your choices.

So does searching for Law Of Attraction love mean finding that perfect mate, your soul mate? Does it mean establishing a relationship with somebody who also lives life sharing what you know about the Law Of Attraction? Does it mean discovering love in everything, in loving everything in return, including yourself? Well can you see that it means whatever you choose it to mean? And can you see that it’s not about DOing stuff? It’s about thinking stuff. You’re a consciousness. Consciousnesses think. Your thoughts are the energy that creates galaxies. Your beliefs will either bring loving relationships into your experience, or hold you apart from them.
If the idea of imagining things into your world is a little new to you, we encourage you to begin by finding some processes that work. Lining up internally with a new belief choice takes focus and a little practice. Essentially you’re changing a lifetime of thinking habits. Find processes that allow you to bounce away from negative thoughts – such as the Letting Go process offered in this community. And if you’d like a little hands-on help, there’s a Create Your Life program in which we engage with you over a 12-month period. What’s important is that you make a commitment to change and to focus on what works for you. Everything in your world stays the same until YOU change it.

Just remember, there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have, if you will simply allow yourself to step into that special place inside you – that place of Peace and Power, Fun and Freedom, Connection and Connectedness. Choose to expect whatever you want to expect. That‘s how you create your world, and so of course we encourage you to ..
believe ONLY in the things that are worth believing in.
And for you, what’s on that list? We suggest anything and everything that feels good.

We’re going to wrap this up today by asking what may seem like a silly question, because we want you to see how important this business of feeling good really is. Why does anything ever feel good? Why do things ever feel bad? Because of who and what you are. You feel good when you’re headed in the direction of what you want. You feel good when you’re creating new and wondrous things in this focused world of yours. You feel good when you’re aligned with, who you are at your core. You feel bad when those things are pinched off. There’s not a single thing at any point in the stream of your experiences that’s more important than simply choosing what feels good.

Love is one of those alignment things, and so of course, it feels good. Love is the discovery of, the awareness of, the experience of, and the acknowledgement of, your connection to Source, and to everything. It’s the essence of who you are. Like everything else in this game of life on earth, it’s yours for the asking. We say, ask. And how do you ask? You choose to believe and expect.

Sometimes things that may or may not be the so called “truth” about that world of yours, are the things you need to believe in the most, because when you choose to believe whatever you want to believe, that choice in itself, makes it your truth.