Simple words can have great power and so we’ll begin today with these words of Abraham through Esther Hicks. Ask and it is given. And then because you sometimes dance, and sometimes struggle, in this game of Life On Earth, your questions inevitably get into the details of your world and how it is that you can create more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want. So let’s start with those few short words, and then as we always do in this community, we’ll move beyond Law Of Attraction 101. We’ll get into what lies beneath it all to give you a basis for fully understanding why it works, and how it works. It’s not complex. It’s elegantly simple. Let‘s begin.
Ask and it is given. Ask. Yes, you simply ask.
We’ll get into more detail here about how you ask, but you don’t have to earn it. You don’t have to work hard for it, and you don’t have to deserve it by being worthy.
And what is it that you can ask for?
Anything and everything. Whatever you can imagine. Whatever you focus upon.
And how is it given?
It just becomes part of your world. It may seem ordinary or it may seem miraculous, but it just shows up.

So that’s the simple yet powerful truth about you creating your world. And yet, as you go about your day to day existence, the devil, as your saying goes, is in the details. But before we delve into that detail, let’s take a moment to reflect .. to reflect on simplicity, and on power. If you can, close your eyes. Take a moment to feel who you are. This is the “you” you have asked for. Take a moment to feel the world around you. This is the world you have asked for. Now take a moment to think of, to ask for, something new, something different. Notice what comes up. If there’s something negative, if there’s doubt, just let it go. Just for now, have it be possible. Allow yourself to experience it.

Good. We’ll come back to that exercise again later. Let’s continue with some words from Abraham: All desires are answered; all requests are granted, and no one is left unanswered, unloved, or unfulfilled. When you stay aligned with your energy stream, you always win, and somebody else does not have to lose for you to win. There is always enough. These words talk to the fact that you’re not competing for a finite pool of “stuff”. You don’t have to concern yourself with what those other conscious entities around you are asking. We’ll come to this in more detail shortly, but your world is Your World. It’s unique to you. Ask for whatever you want.

We’re going to dive a little deeper here, but before we do that, we want you to know that we’re not heading into things that are hard to understand. So we encourage you to follow along here because this is the fundamental truth about this world of yours. When you woke up this morning, it was not a process of resuming awareness of a pre-existing, external-to-you, physical world. It was a process of consciously re-entering the vision you are creating in your mind. It’s exactly as if you put on a virtual reality headset .. and voila .. there’s your world. And the program that’s running that virtual reality contains all of your chosen beliefs and expectations.

So it’s not “out there”. It’s an inside job. And why is it important to understand that? Well, to you it may not be. It’s your choice. It’s just that we want you to understand how completely you’re in control of what shows up in your experience, because if you continue to think of “the world” and those “other people” as things that are external to you, then it’s often harder to accept that you’re the one who’s totally in charge, the one and only one who’s writing the screenplay for this movie of yours. You “ask” (or in our movie screenplay metaphor, you “write”) by expecting, and the version of everything and everybody you experience, is always a match to those expectations.

So can you see why it is we say, there’s no limit to what you can ask for. The only limit to what you can be, do or have, is your imagination, and that has no limits. Those other players in your movie are your creation, but which we mean, you are intersecting with the particular version of this person and that person that matches what you have chosen to believe about them and therefore what you expect of them. And yes of course there are different matching versions of you showing up in their movies, but you don’t have to try to visualize all of that. Just know that this movie, your movie, the one in which you’re having your experiences, is the one you’ve created, and continue to create.

And now let’s get to what is probably the least understood aspect of the Law Of Attraction – the alignment of your expectations. Abraham continues: If someone is not receiving what they are asking for, it is not because there is a shortage of resources; it can only be that the person holding the desire is out of alignment with their own request. There is no shortage. There is no lack. There is no competition for resources. There is only the allowing or the disallowing of that which you are asking for. In other words, to create what you want, you need to “allow” it. You need to be in alignment with it. And there’s a conscious and a subconscious component to that alignment.

To understand misalignment, try moving something you use a lot, like a wastepaper basket. Consciously you know the new location, but as you’ll quickly discover, your subconscious only knows the old one. And until you have taught it over a period of time, no that’s the wrong way, it’s over there now, it continues to know that old location. Well “allowing” means getting agreement on what is known and expected into all levels of your consciousness. It starts with the conscious thinking you, and, with a little focus and attention, spreads to the subconscious/superconscious you. When you are aligned, manifestation is immediate. Then, like the world you woke up into this morning, things just show up.

So how do you ask for something new? You choose a new belief about it. If you want more money, you need to choose to believe that it’s going to arrive. You need to start to expect it. Forget about “how”. “How” is not your job. It never was your job. It never will be your job. Sometimes “How” can be fun to think about and to take action on, but often “how” becomes “how on earth…”. So if how feels bad, forget “how”. The Universe has a million “how”s. This choice to expect things doesn’t come from having to know “how”. It’s your thoughts that create, not your actions. So any choice you make is just a belief-choice you make as the creator of everything.

So now you’ve made the choice, how do you know you’re in alignment with it? By how you feel. Go within. Ask yourself, what do I really and truly expect? Is there that voice inside saying “How on earth”, saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, saying “Don’t be an idiot, you know you have to work to get money”? If there is, no big deal. There’s just a little focus and a little practice needed – just like you would with your wastepaper basket. You’re going to teach your superconscious a new Story. You’re going to practice that new thought into your tapestry of expectations. That’s the only “how” you ever have to learn, and the only DOing you ever have to do – getting into alignment.

So here are the elements of this. The sequence is unimportant. The focus IS important.
1. Know who you are and how you create.
2. Ask, what do I want now?
3. Choose to expect it.
4. Be aware of how you feel about it.
5. Practice getting into the BEing place of having it. Practice alignment.
6. Appreciate yourself creating it. Appreciate. appreciate, appreciate.

Ask and it is given .. is the simple yet powerful truth about you creating your world. To come at this with slightly different words, we would say about all of this .. what you choose to believe, becomes. So let’s take another moment to reflect here .. to reflect on the simplicity of all of this, to reflect on the power that is yours. If you can once again, close your eyes.

Take a moment to feel who you are. This is the “you” you have asked for.
Take a moment to feel the world around you. This is the world you have asked for.
Now take a moment to think of, to ask for, that new something, that different thing.
Notice what comes up. If there’s something negative, if there’s doubt, just acknowledge it, and then let it go. Just for now, have it be possible. Allow yourself to experience it.
Good. And we encourage you to take the time to take these moments. These are aligning moments.

If the fairy godmother grants you three wishes, you only need one because you can wish that every wish you wish will come true. Here’s our version of that. Of all the belief choices you can make, start with this. Believe in who you are, and your power to create, and your ability to discover for yourself how to get into alignment with our new desires. Because we can give you processes coming out the wazoo, but we know that if you settle into the confidence of knowing who you are, you’ll discover your own processes. You’ll have an amazing time inventing your own. This is your game you see. Your Story. Your World.

You chose to come here for the joy of creating new things in this focused space time virtual reality of yours. You’re not here to get it “right”. You’re not here to get something in particular done or to learn something you should know. You’re not here to become more holy or to get enlightened. You’re not here to serve anybody or anything. You can choose to do any or all of those things of course, but when you really get down to the absolute truth of it, you’re just you, having experiences, giving birth to new desires and new creations. And that’s where your ultimate joy comes from – creating new things.