There is an aphorism in this one’s world (perhaps in yours also). Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime. In these discussions that we have, our inclination is always the lifetime approach because there is no one-size-fits-all. In a room of a thousand people, if we say visualize this thing or that thing, there are immediately a thousand different versions of how you think, and how successful you are at conjuring up the image. So on this topic of Law Of Attraction exercises, we’re going to define the basic building blocks, and put you in the best possible place to construct what works for you.

Let’s start here. There are physical things you do, (actions) and there are mental things you do (thoughts). Everything you do is either an action or a thought. You seem to exist as a physical entity
In a physical space/time world. That’s the world of action. You actually exist as a non-physical, non-space/time consciousness. You’re actually a thinking entity. You are. We are. Every entity that exists is a thinking entity. It is the way you think that creates you and your matching context. The way you think creates your world. So as we get into this, we want you to keep in mind that physicalness is, and action is, nothing more than the byproduct of your thoughts.

From an Abraham quote this week:
Your action has nothing to do with your abundance. Your abundance is a response to your vibration. Of course, your belief is part of your vibration, so if you believe that action is part of what brings your abundance, then you’ve got to unravel that.
In other words, action is only important to the extent that you choose to believe it is. Now having said that, you’re playing this physical game, and you’re in action from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to sleep. So let’s, as Abraham suggests, unravel that a little. Let’s explore the origin of your physicalness.

Thoughts are real. Physicalness is unreal. Your experiences are real. The physicalness in which you seem to be having those experiences is a virtual reality created by thought. Now we know that not one of you is using conscious effort to create that virtual reality, but all of it conforms to decisions you’ve already made. That effort, and the decisions that design it, sit beneath the level of your consciousness. That sub-conscious tapestry of expectations you have about everything resides in the space between your now-thinking self, and the bigger part of you that stretches back to the very source of everything, back to the collective consciousness of All-That-Is.

So here are the important principles.
1. Your thought decisions, and only your thought decisions, created the tapestry of thought habits that defines your world.
2. There are no parts of that tapestry you cannot consciously revisit now.
3. There are no parts of that tapestry you cannot change by practicing new belief-choices into that fabric of subconscious expectations.
So the whole point of Law Of Attraction exercises, is to change habits – the habits of thinking you once adopted into new habits that support you in the way you now want to live. Here are our four suggested building blocks. We encourage you to try them on for size right now as we describe what they are.

1. Be the observer. In its most basic form, it can simply be acknowledging to yourself what we have just talked about. Thoughts are real. Physicalness is unreal. Thoughts create everything. You can expand from there to .. how do I feel right now?.. which as you know is really like clicking “Get Directions” link on the Google map – are you heading towards what you want or are you heading away from it?. You can further expand that to .. how have I been feeling generally over the last week, the last year? Observer mode is like being in the stands at the same time as you are on the field. It’s stepping outside yourself and seeing yourself in a greater context.

2. Ask yourself .. what do you want? What do you want NOW? Take a moment here to acknowledge the power that you have, because if you feel powerless, your desire cannot flourish. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have, nothing you cannot change. Now .. what do you want? It could be in general, or it could be .. what do I want NOW .. in response to something immediate. This could be compiling a list, or it could be revisiting and reminding yourself of the things you’ve already written down, or it could be re-writing that list. (This is what defines your BEing place – number four below.)

3. Letting go. Ask yourself .. what’s getting in the way of you believing you can have that? And of course we’re not talking about worldly things. Those aren’t real. What’s really getting in the way of you adopting a new belief? Go inside. Go back into that subconscious tapestry and see the old thought habit that’s holding you back. Bring it out of the shadows of your mind into the light of day and see if for what it is – an old choice, a well-practiced choice perhaps, but today a new day dawns. Today is the start of practicing a new choice. It’s time to let that old choice die.

4. Get into the BEing place. This is the imagining of BEing in the place of having what you want. We’ve heard some of you say you’re not good at imagining. We say phooey. That’s just another one of those old belief choices you made, and like all of them, it’s self-reinforcing. If that’s how you feel, start with one basic new choice .. I’m good at image-ing what I want. Then go from there. Find paths that work to get you there .. perhaps stepping through a doorway. BE in that new version of your virtual reality. Dance around in it. Feel yourself in it.

So there’s our four building blocks. How did those feel to you? Just about every effective Law Of Attraction exercise has some combination of those elements. So if changing your life in some way is important to you, and of course it is or you wouldn’t be here, don’t let this opportunity become a tomorrow .. tomorrow .. tomorrow thing. If you will commit to building and using some exercises, you will change your mind habits. You’ll find that you get so comfortable with the essence of these ideas that you start to weave them seamlessly into your life, and you step more and more into a world of Peace and Power, Fun and Freedom, Connection and Connectedness.

Let’s go back to the subject of thought versus action we sort of posed at the start as a way of getting into this topic and examine the question .. is hard work (and by that we mean struggle or doing things you don’t want to do) necessary to achieve success in your world (however you personally define success)? Well we’ll start by saying that if you are not lined up with what you want, there’s no amount of work on the planet that will get you there. And if you are lined up with it, then no “work” is necessary – it will all feel like flowing with the current. AND there will be times where you find yourself somewhere in between those two.

This one used to say .. take no action that’s not inspired action – get into alignment first. Then one day when he was stuck, he decided he should take some action anyway. And as he did, he got into the flow. Alignment came as he took the action, and so now he is more flexible on this topic because he has come to discover that there are many paths to alignment, and sometime DOing can help. But here’s the point. Getting into action that’s hard work and hating it will not get you there. If action feels necessary … always start with the end result in mind. That’s why plans are important – they help you to BE where you’re going.

You chose to come into this game of Life On Earth as a way of experiencing the joy of creating new things in this very focused environment. So the greatest joy you can experience is to get your hands in the clay and fashion something in line with your desires, whatever they may be. These Law Of Attraction exercises can really help and we encourage you to use them.

As always with these short introductions, we are conscious that there may be are some very big and perhaps new ideas in all of this, and we welcome this opportunity to mix it up with you and answer any questions you may have.