Welcome. There was an Esther Hicks Abraham Law Of Attraction quote this week that caused a bit of a stir for some of those in this community, so we’re going to see if we can unravel that a little. In the process of that, we’ll talk about whether some things are easier to create than others, and just in case you’re tempted to throw your hands in the air and ask why us gurus can’t all get together and get our stories straight, we’ll start by talking about what we’re here doing right now, this thing called channeling.

Surely you might think, if Terah is some spiritual being with a god-like perspective on all things, then what is being channeled must be the “truth”. Well you don’t have to explore your Internet very far to discover that there are all manner of apparently sincere people out there channeling a variety of different entities, with a variety of different stories, some incredibly detailed, and many contradicting each other. What’s going on here, and how do you decide what to believe? Let’s give you our perspective.

Channeling is not a great word to describe this process. Think about what happens when you speak. You are not consciously choosing words to say. You have a thought you want to express, and your subconscious translates that into words, and speaks them. Many of you think that when you’re public speaking, you have to speak consciously. Well, it’s incredibly difficult to do that, and that’s why you fear it. The same things are going on in this process here. There’s some conscious involvement and a whole lot of subconscious involvement. The thought is collaboration. The words are a translation, and the Story that is told is always going to be aligned with the beliefs of the translator.

Recognizing this, those leading this community have taken as their mission, to get to the simple and fundamental truth that sits beneath every Story, because if you can avoid complexity, and come from that story-less place, you can most easily step in any direction you want to go. And as their understanding has evolved, so has the way we collaboratively express things. Clearly there is nobody, including us, who can tell you what to believe. Take what makes sense to you. Take what feels good to you. Leave the rest. Your emotions are key. They are your guidance system. When you’re feeling good you’re heading in the direction of your desires. Nothing is more important.
Part of that evolved understanding, is that even though it seems you are in a physical, ongoing continuous reality, you’re not. If you were in a One World, shared with everybody else, then the promise of the Law Of Attraction, that there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have, makes no sense at all, because your desires would always, to some extent, conflict with the desires of those around you. Your reality is virtual. It’s in your mind. It’s Your World. It exists in many versions and you step between those by the belief choices you make. You don’t have to deal with things and people as they are. You’re creating them as they are. It’s all an inside job.

This idea that it’s not One World, but Your World unique to you, was a real breakthrough for this one, and although at first it was mind-boggling, once he got it, all the puzzle pieces fell into place. To the extent that you don’t get it, if you’re trying to explain how the Law Of Attraction works, the Story gets complex. Although there have been, in recent times in this one’s world (yours may be similar), some wonderful descriptions from Abraham through Esther Hicks of how you exist on your own “vibrational island”, most of the time the explanations are very One-World-oriented. The particular quote that got everybody’s attention this week was from 2003.

It was two statements:
The first is – there will always be war.. You’re never going to come into agreement as a mass consciousness that this is “the way.” There will always be disagreements, therefore, there will always be turmoil, there will always be war. The other statement .. our favorite, is – well-being will always abound, so .. you can decide, at any point in time, in what part of this you want to play. You can use anything as your excuse to align with well-being, or you can use anything as your excuse to not align. We think the thing that’s at the heart of this discussion, is [your] own personal power. We think that’s what you are, sort of, struggling for and reaching for.

More recently (2006) they have said regarding war: No matter how close up you are to, or far from, the details of that [war], you are sifting through the contrast of it and you are launching your personal rockets of desire.. There are big thought forms about things not wanted, but they are miniscule in comparison with this stream of well-being.. [You] don’t have to worry about what everybody else is doing. [You] can live heaven on earth right now. [You] can live peace on earth right now. [You] can live prosperity on earth right now.

Of course we would say, there is not One World, and so there will not always be war. There will not always be anything. If there’s war in Your World, it’s because you have chosen to believe that’s the way things are. But as Abraham says, you can truly (and we would say, literally) live in peace on earth right now by choosing that version of Your World to inhabit. But perhaps this raises for you the question – are some things more difficult to create than others? Does it feel as if it’s harder to change global “facts” about the world than change some of the smaller circumstances of your personal life? Do some things have bigger momentum to overcome than others?

From that same 2003 Abraham session:
Your guidance system is so powerful, it is a wonder to us how it is so easy for many of you to miss it. And we know the answer. It is that you’ve trained yourself to observe, you’ve trained yourself to be objective. You’ve trained yourself to weigh the pros and the cons, the pluses and the minuses. You want to be objective.

From us through Rachel this week:
We will hand it to you humans that your physical reality is quite mesmerizing…when you are “in the moment”, it feels like, “that’s the way it is”. We get it…we REALLY get it…So that’s why we so love any tools or practices you do in which you are able to lighten up on it. To just go…”Oh, okay! I see! This isn’t a judgment on me. I’m not a bad person. This isn’t the way it is because I’m paying for something terrible that I did. It is simply the way I have chosen to look at life. It’s the LENS through which I have looked at life. But I can CHANGE the lens!

Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in this game of Life On Earth you’ve created. It’s a magnificent game and it IS mesmerizing. But here’s the simple and absolute truth. Things are as they are, because, and only because, that’s what you have chosen to believe and expect. There is no real co-creation. There is only your creation – into which you have invited us and everyone else to come and play. But it’s your movie, and in that movie we are all faithfully following your screenplay, even as in our movie you are faithfully following ours. We intersect occasionally when we match up. We have some shared scenes, but they are not the same movie.

So if some things seem more inherently persistent than others, it’s only because of the way you’ve been practicing that thought. Just remember this. If your mind has the ability to conceive a new idea and a new way of BEing, then you have the power to choose to believe in that new idea, and you can BE that new version of you, which steps you into a new matching version of your virtual reality.
From Neale Donald Walsh:
A statement of what you choose to be real can become real through the simple act of your choosing it, and continuing to choose it.

And also remember this. Any time you’re feeling bad, in any way, what you are sensing within you is that you are heading away from what you want, and you have the inherent power to choose a new direction. So we say, stop. Turn in a new direction. Head towards what you want.