.. in which we talk about discovering the power and the freedom which can come from transcending that “Story”, and how you can change your Story by changing what you choose to believe, because it’s your expectations that create your world, and not the other way around.

We all have a Story. Yours is a magnificent Story. Full of color and enormously complex in its detail – far more complex and mysterious you might think, than could ever have been dreamed up by you. And yet dream it up you did. There’s nothing in it except that which you have imagined is possible. There’s nothing in it that isn’t a match to your vibration. Whatever you line up with, the Law Of Attraction delivers. And that “lining up” is a process that starts with a choice about what to believe, and a practice of that thought until it’s part of your tapestry of expectations. But after all of that, it’s still just a Story.

Let’s begin with one of our outlandish statements here. You and we are far more similar than we are different. “What!” we hear you thinking. “You’re a disembodied something, somewhere, and we are humans in a physical space/time world. Surely you can’t get much more different than that”. We understand your reaction, but you are thinking within the confines of your Story. Let’s look at this a little more here and see if we can step you beyond those confines just a little to see the bigger picture. And from that viewpoint, it is our intention that you will more readily experience what is inherently yours – the freedom and the power to go anywhere, and be or do anything.

We are a consciousness – part of the Universal Consciousness. So are you. So is everything.
We are defined by our intentions and desires. So are you.
Our “world” flows to us exactly as we attract by our expectations – our Story. Likewise the world that flows to you is the sum of your expectations – your Story.
We make choices and our Story changes. You make choices and your Story changes.
Our stories intersect a little. You are in our Story because we have chosen to participate with you in this way. We are in your Story because you have chosen to believe that we exist and it is possible for you to experience us in this way. We are a match.

Our Story is unique to us. Your Story is unique to you. Despite appearances, your physical world is not a collective creation of you and any other being – human or god-like. It is an illusion created by you – moment by moment. It looks miraculously real – but it’s not. Similarly your non-physical world, what you think of perhaps as the structure of all things spiritual, is also your creation. You attract what you have chosen to believe and expect. While all of this is an illusion, your experience of it is real, and it is for this unique experience that you are focusing your consciousness down into this realm of Life On Earth. If we differ at all, it is perhaps most evident in our focus. Our focus is broader. Your focus is narrower.

In your physical world, is there time and space? That is what you’re attracting by your choices of what to believe about it. Is it a flat earth or a round earth? Your choice. Are there plants and animals on it? Your choice. Are you of a certain age from a certain place, born of certain parents and having certain siblings or friends? Your choice. Are your relationships loving and supporting? Your choice. Is there war in your world, or peace on earth? Your choice.

Are you going to get old and die? Your choice. And, by the way, what happens when you “die” is also your choice. Is your fate to some extent determined by the position of the planets? Your choice. In your non-physical world, are there saints and sinners, departed loved ones, angels and archangels, “Abraham”s, and “Terah”s, and ascended masters? Your choice. All of this you see is your Story. And we are not in any way, shape or form, trying to talk you out of it, or make it sound unimportant. Whatever is important to you, is by definition, important to us.

But here’s another way we are alike. We experience contrast. You experience contrast. Our contrasts are a little less-dramatic than yours because your focus puts you right out there on the leading edge of creation. But for all of us there are things wanted and things not wanted. Our suggestion to you here is that as you experience things not wanted, you see these not as hard times, but as opportunities for creating something different. That’s the fun part you see. And that is why we want you to see your Story for what it is – changeable – and you can transcend it. Sometimes we feel like we have to pry your fingers off it because you are holding it so close that it seems like an eternal truth. It is not. You are defining your Story and you can have it any way you want.

It’s not so much .. ask and it is given – because that implies there’s some entity handing out what you’re requesting. It’s more .. you expect it and thereby create it. You “ask” by expecting. You expect because of what you have chosen to believe. To ask for something different, you must choose new beliefs and new expectations. And by the way, we are not using the term expectation to mean what is probable. You have all sorts of different expectations about everything in Your World. You expect some things to be certain, some are probable, some are possible, some are impossible.
This is the complex fabric of your tapestry of expectations.

You have heard us say many times that once you really “get” the uniqueness of the world you are creating – Your World – it turns everything on its head. You think that what you believe is based upon what you perceive. In truth, what you perceive is what you believe. You see it when you believe it. You think you discover things about the world by observing it and reading about it. In truth discovery is nothing more or less than making new choices about something. Are there scientists in Your World making new discoveries? Then you have placed them there. They are simply actors in your movie faithfully following your screenplay.

With each new ‘discovery” you are either expanding or contracting the boundaries of what you have previously chosen to believe, or you are filling in some of the details between the boundaries you have already set – like coloring in between the lines in your coloring book. Once you get it, you will see the world differently. You will recognize that there can be no victims because you can never be the victim of someone else’s actions, and they cannot be the victim of yours. Once you get it, you can see that there is nothing good or bad about anything. There is only .. does it FEEL good (am I heading to where I want to be) or does it FEEL bad?

Fundamentally you see, you are not flesh and blood. You’re a consciousness. And so it’s all about thought you see. A belief is only a practiced habit of thought. A desire is a thought. Everything else about you, all that physical stuff in your space/time world, is simply what you are writing into the screenplay of that movie called My Life.
Your physical reality is not standing in front of you saying .. this is the way things are.
Your physical reality is standing in front of you saying .. this is how you have chosen things to be.

Look around you. Everything you see is what you expect to see. And as you look, start to be aware of the power that you have. Start to feel who you are. Get used to that feeling, because from that place you begin to step into the role of the creator you came here to be. Desire is what fuels your growth, and flowing from that desire and creating new things, making new choices and seeing them manifest is always going to be the greatest joy you can experience. That’s why you’re here. That’s what you came for.

So if your Story is a fun Story, play on. That is what you came here to do. And .. when there are some parts of it that do not feel so good, step above it. Transcend it just a little and allow yourself to say .. that is not what I want, this is what I want. Then allow yourself to get into the imagined BEingness of having it the way you want it – physical or non-physical – it’s all up for grabs.

And as always we are here to cheer you on.
We rejoice with each new choice and conscious creation you make.
This is truly the reason you came to play this game of Life On Earth.