Everything You Experience Is Your Creation
Today we’re going to expand on that statement and talk a little about ..
What “Everything” means,
The importance of “You”, and
Why it’s “Yours”.
We’ll also help you connect the dots by answering the question we get asked a lot ..
“But how on earth did I create THAT in my life?”
Let’s begin with the Law Of Attraction.

The Law Of Attraction is …
You attract into your experience,
moment by moment, unique to you,
whether wanted or unwanted,
that which matches the sum of your conscious and subconscious expectations.

EVERYTHING you experience is your creation.
Let’s look at the “everything” part of that by understanding the power of the Law Of Attraction. It’s the organizing principle of everything, everywhere – in the physical realm and in the non-physical realm. It is the fundamental rule that governs the flow of all energy.

Some of you think that too much is made of it, and that it’s just one of the “laws” that govern your existence. We say, on the contrary. If anything, most of you err on the side of thinking it’s something far less absolute than it is. The name Law Of Attraction does not do it justice. You could say that the Law Of Attraction is to the law of gravity as the law of gravity is to the law of 55 miles per hour. And yet even that is an understatement. There are no other “laws” that compare. EVERYTHING you experience is orchestrated around this foundational principle.

Now let’s be clear about the “you” part – your role in all of this. Everything YOU experience is your creation. Once again, confronted by evidence of things that happen seemingly beyond your control, many of you see yourselves with limited power. Despite trying all of our recommended processes, things still aren’t turning out as you want them to be. So then the question becomes .. what’s going on here? Is there something wrong with me, or is the Law Of Attraction overstated?
And the answer is .. neither. Stay with us here and let’s see if we can unravel this.

We’re going to make what may seem at first to be an outlandish statement. Everything you’ll experience today, everything you’ll experience tomorrow, everything you’ll ever experience, is because of choices YOU made. Many times you don’t see it as a choice, but there is nothing ever in your experience that you haven’t thought about and made a choice about.

Everything you’ve ever imagined, you made a choice about.
Do I believe that’s possible?
Do I believe that’s probable?
Do I believe that’s the truth about things?
Do I believe that’s impossible?
With each of those choices, you wove another thread into your tapestry of expectations, and that tapestry defines the boundaries of Your World. Within those boundaries of course you will have a variety of experiences, but they are always a match to you as you are at that point in time.

Which brings us to the “your” part of it – everything you experience is YOUR creation. This world of yours, Your World, is unique to you. But surely, we hear you say, those other people out there are also creating in my world. Isn’t it a co-creation? No – those others are creating in Their World and Their World is unique to them.

Think of it this way. Your World exists in many versions and you step between them by the ongoing choices you make. Their World similarly exists in many versions. What you perceive as One World, a shared world, is actually the moment by moment intersection of the particular version of Your World (the one you are inhabiting right now) with the matching versions of everybody else’s worlds. We know that this can be a bit mind boggling at first, but the essential truth we are seeking to leave you with here, is that you alone create it all, and nobody and no-thing can assert into Your World anything that you haven’t already lined up with.

If it’s in Your World, you imagined it into existence. And then of course we often get the question .. “But how on earth did I create THAT in my life?” Let us see if we can help you connect the dots here. By Law Of Attraction you attract into your experience everything that matches your expectations – that hugely complex tapestry formed from a trillion belief choices you made and stored away in what we loosely call your subconscious, and mostly never think of consciously again. That tapestry totally defines Your Story – the story about you and your physical world, and you and your non-physical world.

Let’s say today you’re vibrating at .. car breaks down. This is not necessarily a particular vibration about your car. It’s a vibration of things not going quite right. Your computer could break down – same vibration. You could lose some money – same vibration. You could get bad service at a restaurant – same vibration. Someone in your life could be disagreeable – same vibration. You could say that you didn’t expect car trouble today, but you knew it was possible even if improbable, and everything in Your World shows up within the possibility boundaries you have set. In particular, within those boundaries, what will show up today are things that match your general vibration today.

So how do you know where you’re vibrating? Well firstly, look around. Then secondly and more usefully perhaps, you can always get quiet and go within. Ask yourself .. what do I really .. truly .. expect – about this topic, or that topic, or what’s going to happen today? It can be subtle, but you CAN explore that tapestry of yours. Going back into your past train of thought to find out where you’ve been is essentially a quest to rethink all over again the thoughts and choices you made that landed you where you are. Of course, focusing on things that you do not want, creates more of the same. So remember that curiosity is good, but steer clear of regrets and self-recrimination. Commandment #3 applies here. Thou shalt not beat up on thyself.

And here’s an exercise you can try. Write down ten things you want. Typically you’ll find that some of those will be defined as getting rid of what you don’t want. Even if the words say “a more loving relationship with so and so”, some of the thought is .. less arguments. Even if the words say “ win the million dollar lottery”, some of the thought is .. get out from under these debts. Just notice those negatives and recognize that arguments and debts are a part of your expectation tapestry.

Changing that tapestry of course is the bottom line for all of you in all of these discussions. Frequently asking yourself the question “What do I want?” or if something trips you up, asking “What do I want NOW? can be a powerful way of making new choices, and lining up with those choices. New choice + alignment with that new choice = new version of everything. This is how you create the life you want. We strongly encourage you to make that question a habit, and have your focus, and thoughts, and creative juices, be all about things you want to INclude, and not the things you want to EXclude. You will know by how you feel if it’s working. Be in eager anticipation.

Even as you have made choices about what to believe, so you can make new ones. As you imagine what you want, start to look more deeply at what you really expect about this or that particular thing. Your expectation tapestry is not some cast-in-stone fact about the way things are. It’s the other way around. Your world is not determined by your so-called “past”. It’s a function of what you “know” about it, and what you “know” is a choice. It’s up to you, here and now. It always was and it always will be. Even as the Law Of Attraction is an absolute, so is the fact that you are always at choice. Nothing and nobody can ever change that.

So where do you go from here? Where do you go whenever things are not what you want? It’s all about awareness and choices. First recognize that it’s all an inside job – acknowledge the expectation boundaries you have in this area. Then recognize how you feel. Then acknowledge the lie that’s tripping you up, see if for what it is, and just plain let it go. Leave it behind and step through that door in your mind – which is literally a door in your reality – and move into a world that feels good, that feels joyous … and hangout there. It will soon become obvious just how real that doorway is. You will have found yourself once more. And we will be there to dance with you.