Welcome back to our discussions. As we head towards our 4-Week “Make More Money” Challenge, we want to help you set yourself up for success, and we’re not just talking of the sort of success that’s a minor improvement, but the profound success that means you have permanently moved your internal vibrational set point into alignment with a new and substantially different external version of reality.

This week one of our friends said to this one .. “When you talk about multiple versions of reality, my head spins”. Some of you have had similar reactions. Now we are not wishing to lose any of you in mind-boggling concepts, and there are many paths to successfully creating more of what you want in your life, but we submit that there are major advantages to understanding, and acknowledging, the essential truth about who you are and why you’re here. Yes we know these concepts may seem radical. Yes we know they may be unfamiliar and upside-down from the way many of you have long-practiced thinking of the world. But they are not complex.

Complexity comes when you try describe consciousness in a One World physical-only reality. Complexity comes when you try to reconcile an all-powerful all-loving God with the things you see happening in the world. By Law Of Attraction, there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have. Complexity comes when you try to explain how that works if you’re sharing this one planet with a whole stack of people who want the opposite of what you want. Books and books and books have been written trying unsuccessfully to square those circles. You either have to abandon logic and take things on faith, or you end up with unanswerable questions. That’s complexity.

If you’re sitting in a movie theater, and we come along and tell it’s not real, and then we start to go into the story of how movies are made, and how there are many versions of that movie that didn’t make it out of the editing room, and how those individual frames get translated into bits and bytes images, and how this version is an arranged sequence on that big screen in front of you that creates the illusion of movement, you’d probably interrupt us and say ..
“You don’t have to go into all of that. I know it’s just an illusion”.

And to that we say you KNOW it because you’ve made choices about what to believe, and practiced those into being certainties in your expectation matrix. And so even though there’s a long story about how that movie came into your experience, there’s nothing about that explanation that makes your head spin. The story is familiar.

And then we come along with a story about who you are, and what you’re doing here, and about this virtual reality you’re creating, and we tell you the essence of that simple story in three paragraphs, (and we’ll do that here again shortly). And it’s way less complex than that movie-creation story. But the story is unfamiliar, and so it’s an understandable reaction when you can’t seem to get your mind around it. What you’ve been practicing, and therefore what you KNOW, is that the world is real, and it’s hard to accept this new story when consciously and subconsciously your mind is shouting at you that this is ridiculous. So you label it as complex, and you give up on it.

And so it turns out that the journey we are on here is to convert what’s ridiculous into truth, and get it practiced into the core of you. So let’s see if we can un-spin some heads, and nudge you gently toward understanding, because we know you can get there. If you will allow yourself to know the truth (and yes we really mean allow yourself), and then begin to practice acknowledging that to yourself, everything changes. Everything changes. You step onto the yellow brick road. You live your life, and at the same time, you’re aware of the “you” that’s living that life. You ongoingly observe yourself from a totally new vantage point. Everything looks different. That’s what we call mastery, alignment and imperturbability.

Here’s the simple, elegant (and we would say .. non-head-spinning) truth.
You are a consciousness that is part of the Collective Consciousness of Source. Source is like a river, and you are a tributary that feeds into and flows from that river. You are a part of the endless stream that is God. It is fundamentally true about you across all realms in a timeless Universe. This is the only thing that you are and can ever be, and yet it is everything. This is not a choice. It is the ultimate, absolute, fundamental, essential truth of who you are.

You exist as a thought. What you choose to think creates you and your worlds. Everything is as you choose it to be. Your desires and intentions, and your chosen beliefs and expectations, shape the individuation that is you, and the context that surrounds you is a mirror of those beliefs and expectations. You exist as a thought, and everything that exists around you, exists as a thought. It is those thoughts that create the physical you in this physical world. This is not a choice. This is the Law Of Attraction. It’s the organizing principle of everything that exists.

Beyond those absolutes, everything is a choice. Even as this particular extension of you is an action-oriented being in an action-oriented world, it is you and you alone that shapes this world by the belief-choices you make. It is your personal, unique creation, and everything and everyone in it exists within the boundaries created by your choices. You can change anything in your world by (1) changing what you choose to believe about it, and then (2) practicing that belief until you are consciously and subconsciously aligned with it.

When you start from these Absolutes, you’re starting from a story-less place, and there are big advantages to that, because:
1. from there, you can step without limit in any direction you want to go, and
2. all questions have simple unconditional answers, and
3. understanding breeds confidence, and
4. confidence helps you stay the course.

Now we know that on many occasions we use examples from, and stories about, that physical world of yours in order to explain things as clearly as we can, but we do try to stay away from declaring it as real, and making assumptions or predictions about it, because it’s your creation, Your World, and you can change any of it at any time. So you won’t hear us say things like .. this time on the planet is a time of great change and you need to prepare yourself this way or that way. You WILL hear us giving you real-life examples of things that work, and encouraging you to try this or that process, but always with the suggestion that you find what works for you and make it your own.

Case in point – this week this one made an important discovery as he sat through a broadcast of USA president-elect Donald Trump staging a news conference. What he found was that his feeling went negative very quickly and very strongly. That surprised him because he had convinced himself that he was way past the strong reaction he had experienced on election night, but obviously much of that was still there. He had dug the hole and stepped into it. So now the question was .. how to pivot to better feeling thoughts, how to stop digging and climb out of the hole.

He’s been regularly using the 10-minute Who-You-Are guided awareness audio we created recently, and in fact had been about to go through it again when he got caught up in the news conference. He has found this audio to be particularly effective at raising his spirits, but here’s the first thing worth noting about this story. At that low point right there and then, he felt extreme reluctance about going into that audio, because in the frame of mind he was in, he really didn’t think it would be useful. But he knew the importance of getting out of that hole, and he didn’t have any better ideas on how to do that, so he did it anyway. And here’s the second fascinating piece of this story. It worked.

He went through the audio twice, and as he did that, he transformed from feeling angry and powerless to joyful and powerful. It was like being carried along on a current. It was an amazing experience. What he found was that the truth in the words on that audio, some of the same words in fact we just used, resonated within him at a level way beyond just his conscious thinking. He has been practicing these truths, as many of you also have, and that practice is doing exactly what it is designed to do. It’s doing what practicing new thoughts always does. It internalizes them.

That internalizing has power, and that power exerted itself. That subconscious of yours is a very strong force, and when you have it pulling for you, rather than against you, you can relax and go with the flow. When your subconscious is pulling against you, when for example you want to feel prosperous for no reason and it’s saying that’s ridiculous, money doesn’t grow on trees, it’s hard to buck that current. But here’s the good news. You can change the direction of the current, and if you do that, as we learn from this Story, sometimes you’ll be consciously pointed in the wrong direction as this one found himself, and your subconscious will drag you back.

And so here and now today we’ll make a prediction about you and your world. If you will find a way to teach your subconscious a new truth, and you practice acknowledging that new truth over and over, you will change the direction of the current, and you will change everything. And that’s a prediction we can make, because it’s based on the essential truth of who you are, and the power you have.

And now we’ll move to our extended discussion, and we’d love to hear from all of you about how much your head is spinning and how you feel about ridiculous truth.