Welcome back to our discussions. This is a very special discussion today because it’s the start of our 4-Week “Make More Money” Challenge, and we’re going to make the following bold assertion. It’s the way we put it all together here that sets us apart. For example, you won’t find too many (or maybe any?) programs out there about making money that begin with a discussion on the meaning of life. Not that there aren’t hundreds of processes that can really help you, but they’re only partial answers, and partial answers can only take you so far, and then you fall off the wagon. And so here you are, having tried all sorts of strategies for creating abundance, and yet still looking for the ultimate answer.

Well, we’re going to give you that ultimate answer, and the fact is, we can’t do that without spending just a little time up front here establishing the truth about who you are and what you’re doing here. So bear with us, and keep an open mind as we establish a foundation for everything that’s going to follow over these next four weeks. We’ll be engaging with you, supporting you, and answering all your questions. We’ll be recording these 13 Conference Calls for you. We’ll be creating Guided Awareness audios for you, and encouraging you to get them onto your personal audio player and spend as much time with them as you can. We’re going to do everything we can to set you up for success.

So as you join with us right here and now, set yourself an intention for clarity, and let your mind be open to new ideas as we pose to you this seemingly silly, but actually profound, question. Why doesn’t money grow on trees? Now there are two very different ways you can answer this. From a purely material physical perspective, the answer is obvious and the question IS silly. And then there’s a Law Of Attraction perspective. We, of course, are going to explore the answer from that perspective, because within THAT answer lies the key to you getting everything you ever wanted – whether that’s a ton of money, or oodles of anything else you can imagine. Here we go.

We know that with this game of Life On Earth you’re in, it’s easy to settle into a belief that physicalness is reality, that you live in a world that’s out there and external to you, a world with a history that existed long before you were born and will be there long after you’re dead and buried, and while you’re here, you have to share it with everybody else and deal with it. And we know that you’ve been encouraged throughout your life to be practical, to face that so-called reality. And so you practiced reality-thinking. You didn’t know you were practicing it, but your day by day, minute by minute, unconscious acceptance of the world as “real”, means that you’ve literally spent your whole life practicing that belief.

Now we really want you to get this, because the implications are profound, and if we’ve lost you at this point, much of what follows is not going to make sense. Let’s look at two fundamentally important questions. Firstly, what is consciousness? Physical science can’t answer this question because there’s nothing within your physicalness that can ever explain it. Secondly, (A) is your brain interpreting, through your senses, an external world, or (B) are you internally creating your own virtual reality? Once again, there is no scientific answer to this question. Science assumes the answer is (A), that physicalness is real, and all scientific theory is built on that foundational assumption.

In your modern civilization, where it seems you’ve moved beyond the Age of The Hobbit and into the Age of Reason, most of you have bought into that story. And why not, it seems to make total sense. You can examine your world and verify things. You can dig up the remains of past civilizations and verify your history. It’s all very logical and self-evident, to which we say .. hold on just a minute here. Let’s back up to that basic assumption, because there’s another possible explanation. And by the way, any story that completely fails to address those two questions we just posed, cannot by definition ever make “total” sense, and can hardly be described as “self-evident” truth.

So yes we understand that particular scientific story is very seductive. But here’s why it is. By Law Of Attraction, once you make any assumption, the story becomes self-reinforcing. All belief choices come with their own life-support system. Once you make the choice “this is the way things are”, so-called reality lines up with that. It must, and that leads to this. If money is not flowing to you as you want it to, and you tried all those strategies that didn’t work, we’re here to tell you it’s not about finding the right action plan. It’s not about any physical-action plan. It’s about how you think. You have to make a new belief choice, and line up with it.

Without a new belief choice, there’s not enough DOing on the planet that can make something happen. But here’s the good news. Once you do make that new belief-choice, AND you take time to practice it and get into true alignment with it, there’s no force in heaven or on earth that can prevent that from becoming your new “reality”. So let’s talk now about the truth of who you are, how you can choose to believe anything you want to believe, how you can line up with that choice, and how that’s going breach the dam and allow things to flow to you in ways that will knock your socks off. .. Continued ..