Welcome to our continuing discussions about first knowing how the Law Of Attraction works, and then actually, and consciously, and deliberately, and definitively, deciding to use that knowledge to make changes to your life, to your world, and to how you feel. We’re in the process of building a new program around these ideas. It’s for those of you who have declared your confidence in the Law Of Attraction, but somehow don’t have quite the same confidence in your personal ability to create what you want. We’ll be asking you if you’re willing to commit yourself to a 4-week plan, and then we’re going to work with you to get you out of the underbrush and onto that yellow brick road.

Today we’re going to describe the components of that plan. It will include committing on a daily basis to using some exercises, and over this week we’re going to look at the exercises we’re suggesting. But let’s begin with how it all works. The Law Of Attraction is the fundamental design mechanism that shapes everything that exists. It shapes the timeless consciousness that is you, and the matching context that always surrounds you. It responds to your unique choices, by which we mean, you attract into your experience, wanted or unwanted, unique to you, without limit, moment by moment, that which matches the sum of your conscious and subconscious, chosen beliefs and expectations.

In your world, when you throw a ball into the air, what happens? Well, it falls back to earth. There’s no conscious power pushing it back down. It’s just that in your world you have gravity which is a fundamental force of nature. Objects that have mass attract each other. Your heavy world attracts the ball, and it always comes back to earth. Of course, gravity is an invention of your space/time physicalness, whereas the Law Of Attraction is a cosmic law that applies to everything. But you can think of it as working like gravity. It’s just that it responds to your thoughts, not to a physical mass. It’s really very simple. When you change your thinking, you automatically attract a new matching context, which means you change your world.

The principle is elegantly simple but totally comprehensive. It’s how you create everything. There is nothing external to you. It’s all an inside job. There’s no world “out there”. There’s the illusion of a world, and in that illusion you’re mixing it up and having an adventure with those other matching consciousnesses. But nothing exists in that world that you haven’t created from your belief-choices, and nothing can continue to exist in that world beyond your continued belief in it.

We’re going to repeat here one of our seemingly outlandish statements. If you understand this, then you truly understand who you are and how you create. The world didn’t exist before you were born, and it won’t survive after you transition. Do you see that it can’t, because it’s an inside job. Will there be other consciousnesses that create different versions of it? Of course. But your particular unique creation, depends for its survival on its unique creator. And that’s you.

The mechanism is simple, but knowing it, and converting that knowledge into creating more of what you want, takes commitment, and confidence, and focus. The commitment is yours to make. The rest we can help you with. Sometimes old thought habits die hard, but here we are, and together we’re going to find that path and step onto it. So now that we’ve agreed on the nature of the world you’re living in, let’s look at some new principles to live by in this illusion you’ve created. These are the principles we’re building into our new program. Understanding and embracing these principles is what makes conscious creation possible, and dare we say it, makes it easy, and natural, and flowing, and joyful.

Principle #1 – Nothing is more important than feeling good.
Nothing is more important than feeling good. Nothing is more important than feeling good, and here’s why. When who you are and what you believe is lining up with everything you’ve always wanted, you’re aligned with your higher self, and you feel good. When what you’re thinking and choosing to believe is out of alignment with what you want, you’re pinching off your connection to Source, and you feel bad. The only thing that has you feeling good or bad, is the strength of that Source connection. So here’s a reverse way of expressing this.

When you’re feeling good, it’s because you’re facing squarely in the direction of where you want to go. When you’re feeling bad, you’re heading away from what you want. There’s no excuse for feeling bad. There’s never a good reason why feeling bad is justified. Being “right” is no reason to feel bad. And here’s another outlandish statement, and as before, if you can get this, then you’ve really got it. Having compassion when seeing others in distress is no reason for feeling bad. Are you beginning to see why this is so fundamental? Feeling bad creates more of what you do not want. Nothing is more important than feeling good.

Principle #2 – Your conscious mind makes all the new decisions, but your subconscious mind stores them, and implements them.
Your conscious mind makes all the new decisions. It always has. You’ve been through a gazillion decisions to get here to where you are. You don’t remember them, but your subconscious mind does. It stored them, and it implements them, by which we mean, it makes all your status quo decisions – hundreds of them every second. It breathes you. It talks you. It walks you. It is ongoingly aware and watchful of everything in a way you can never be consciously. To change your world, you have to teach your subconscious some new facts of life.

This week, this one was pointed to a video by Louise Hay in which she said these powerful words:
Every thought you think, and every word you speak, is creating your future.
We would expand on that just a little by saying – every thought you think, and every word you speak, is either affirming the beliefs you’ve already lined up with and reinforcing the status quo, or it’s challenging those beliefs and has the potential to change your life. Every thought you think, and every word you speak, is either affirming the beliefs you’ve already lined up with and reinforcing the status quo, or it’s challenging those beliefs and has the potential to change your life.

If it’s affirming and it feels good, then that set of beliefs is aligned with what you want. If it’s affirming and it feels bad, then stop, because you’re reinforcing the patterns that are creating what you don’t want.
If it’s challenging those beliefs and it feels good to challenge them, then challenge away, and make a there-and-then commitment to go on challenging that status quo until you’ve changed the pattern. If it’s challenging those beliefs and it feels bad, then stop and ask yourself .. why am I doing this?.

So here’s Principle #3 – Live your life within the context of these two questions – how do I feel, and what do I want now?
Whenever you get a twinge of doubt, stop and ask the question, how do I feel? Then ask .. what do I want now? And sometimes when you’re feeling good, stop and catch yourself in the act of creating what you want. And acknowledge yourself. And appreciate yourself. And ask,, what do I want now.
Always remember, there’s never a bad time to ask yourself those two questions – how do I feel, and what do I want now?

So there’s your new principles for living life. The next step in our program will be to decide on your daily routine. What will you do differently, and when? We were going to go through many of our processes today, but we’ve decided to spread that out over the week and maybe beyond. Today we’d just like to repeat what we talked about last week – that you can think of them in two categories – Expanding and Focusing.
Expanding – these are for getting you in touch with who you are.
Focusing – these are for changing something in your expectation tapestry.

Let’s look today once again at two in the Expanding category. These are short quick things you can do often, what we call 12-a-day processes. Let’s do them right here and now. There two are foundational in that many of our other processes use these as ingredients. You can do them in 3-5 seconds but we’ll take a little more time than that right now. Are you ready?

The Observer – Do a time-out. Simply observe yourself. Take some time here and be aware of what you’re thinking. Be in the stands for a moment and see yourself on the field. Do you see how you can do that? Do you get a feel for why you should do that? When you’re observing, you’re inserting yourself consciously into what you’re mostly doing subconsciously. It’s a powerful way of becoming aware of why you do things, and how you react to things. Good.

Now let’s do the One-ness. Take some time here and let go of everything. Give it all back to the Universe and just BE at one with All-That-is .. because you are one with All-That-Is and this is just knowing that. Let yourself feel your connection back to Source. Even as you do this consciously, it’s a powerful way of teaching your subconscious the greater truth of who you are. Good.

So there’s a taste of things to come. For many of you, you know HOW you can change your world, but something holds you back? Something about that virtual reality of yours remains so compelling, that you allow yourself hour by hour, week by week, and year by year, to be distracted from stepping into a different version?

Well .. here’s your chance for change. What’s important is to go with your beliefs, to wholeheartedly embrace them, and step more fully into new possibilities for you and your world. And as we do that, we may discover some particular deep-seated stuff that needs to be aired out, and if we do we’ll change it. But in any case, we’re going to be with you every step of the way. We’re going to engage with you. We’re going to step together onto that yellow brick road. We’re all going to consciously create new things.
And now we’ll move to our longer discussion and any comments and questions you might have.