Welcome to our discussion on what is possible for you to create into your experience, and let’s begin by first being clear about what’s impossible. It’s a short list but here it is.
1. You can’t die because you exist eternally, which means the consciousness that is you exists as an entity beyond any concept of time or space.
2. You can’t sever your connection with All That Is (or whatever you choose to call it – Source, or Universe, or God). You can pull against it, but you’re never disconnected.
3. You can never separate yourself from the context that vibrates in resonance with you and surrounds you. You are the thought and the thinker of the thought.
What you choose to desire, and believe, and expect, defines you and your world.

As to what’s possible, we can’t list everything because that list would be infinite,
so let’s just describe it. It’s whatever is not on that list above.
Whatever you can imagine, you can imagine right into your experience, and since your imagination has no limits except those which you might choose to artificially believe in, then can you see that by what you call the Law Of Attraction, there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have, and nothing you cannot change.
Let’s look at some words we’ve looked at before from your space/time context.

From the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Cinderella – Impossible
Impossible, for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage.
Impossible, for a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in marriage,
And four white mice will never be four white horses!
Such fol-der-ol and fid-dle-dy dee of course, is— Impossible!
But the world is full of zanies and fools, who don’t believe in sensible rules,
And won’t believe what sensible people say,
And because these daft and dewey-eyed dopes, keep building up impossible hopes,
Impossible things are happening every day.

Those impossibilities we started with derive from the essential nature of who you are, a consciousness that’s part of All That Is, and you can’t change who you are at your essence. Beyond that, there’s truly nothing that’s fundamentally impossible. So let’s spend a little time here to reflect on that, because each second you spend challenging the status quo, each moment here with us that you acknowledge through conscious awareness the truth of who you are, these moments are powerful steps on the path to creating more of what you want. Here’s some poetry of our own.

Impossible: There’s just some things you cannot do, is what they always said.
So see the world, accept the facts, and keep a level head.
Some things are impossible. It’s just the way they are.
It’s sensible and practical, to know what’s near and far.
Or could it be that it’s a choice? Indeed it is we say.
Listen to your inner voice, and pick another way,

‘Cause you’re the one who chose this life, and everything you see,
Is what you’ve come to know as truth, and possibility.
So probable? Improbable? It’s up to you to choose.
We say choose not to walk through life in someone else’s shoes.
Possible? Impossible? The world is at your feet.
What you “know” creates it all, and everyone you meet.

And on the subject of what’s possible .. from our friend Bashar: Every being, all beings in creation, are all the different ways God has of looking at Itself. That is what it means to be All That Is.. The idea of knowing yourself to be God is simply allowing yourself the broadest possible definition of that concept, and knowing that for God, that is real. God knows itself to be its own being, but also knows itself to be the compilation of every being within it, and knows every being within it to contain the totality of the whole.. Nothing is impossible to All That Is. If you can conceive of it, it is real to All That Is. On some level, some dimension, some aspect of consciousness, it exists.

We’ve talked before of the fact that all chosen beliefs come with their own life-support system, because of course, by Law Of Attraction, once a choice is made, everything in Your World lines up with it. Now that’s a simple statement to make, but think about it. Think about the enormity of it. Anything you choose to believe will, by definition, be “correct”. It will be the “truth”. Of course it’s a personal choice, and so it’s your truth. But in Your World, your truth is THE truth, because those personal belief choices of yours are what creates it. Into that world you attract versions of people, and events, and things – everything that lines up with those choices.

And so that’s how it is that your choices are self-reinforcing. As you practice the version of that choice over, and over, and over, you forget all about that original choice you made. Are you beginning to get a sense of the power of that tapestry of expectations of yours. Are you beginning to see why, once a choice is made, it takes a special sort of focus to make a different choice.

Before he moved, this one used to run into another dog walker Jeff on his morning walks to the park. On one of those walks, Jeff declared there was very little he was certain about, but with just a little exploration, it was obvious that of course there was a multitude of so-called certainties in Jeff’s world. It’s just that, with Jeff as for all of you, those certainties fade as decisions, and merge into the backdrop of your existence. So let’s for a short time here look at these things in your backdrop and see them for what they are. Everything that’s possible, probable or improbable and the millions of certainties and impossibilities that make up your expectation tapestry, these are just the decisions you’ve made and stored away.

If you’re the curious type, you can push and prod and probe at the world to uncover the facts about what-is. But studying “reality” to see the way it works is like studying the stew you just cooked to find out what you put into it. It can, of course, be fun to play that game. It’s a lifetime quest for some. But here’s what can be even more fun. Creating something new. Experiencing life is like tasting that stew. If it didn’t turn out quite like you wanted, don’t blame the stove. Change the recipe. In life, don’t blame people, or things, or circumstances, for what you don’t like. The real fun is changing the thoughts that created it that way in the first place.

Never see or hear the words “studies have shown” without recognizing that choosing to believe those studies, is simply you filling in more details in a world you’ve already created. There’s nothing in your world you don’t know about. There can’t be, because you and you alone are creating it. If you do fill in some details, it will always be between the lines, the possibility outlines, of the sketch you’ve already made.

We’ve talked before about the apparent real-ness of that current matching virtual reality you’re in. You can make a new choice, you can imagine a new reality, but it doesn’t seem as real yet as the one you seem to be in because you haven’t yet stepped into full alignment with it. Once you do align with it, it will manifest, and become your new now-real most-real world. It’s a new version of you and a new version of your matching context.

Of course, you’re doing this new version creation all the time. Each moment of now, is like the still picture that makes up every frame of a movie. Unless the camera stops and restarts from a new viewpoint or the beginning of a new scene, the changes are sufficiently small that there seems to be no break in the flow. It’s continuous, and so you don’t recognize it as a new version. But it is. And, as in a movie, switching to a new viewpoint is possible.
Big changes are possible. It takes a new decision and it takes focus.
Big changes may take big focus, but they’re all equally possible.

Old decisions don’t make things so forever – unless you leave them as they were made.
What-is doesn‘t prove decisions were right. What-is results from those decisions.
The cure for what-is-itis (the Abraham term for being stuck in that old reality) is revisiting those decisions, seeing them for what they are, and changing them. That’s what we’re doing here. We’re encouraging you to focus some attention on that tapestry of possible and impossible expectations of yours, see it for what it is, and change what you want to change.

From our friends Abraham: Does it feel possible or impossible? Which is it? It’s not both, and you get to choose which it is and line up with the one you choose.. Human logic says, if it hasn’t manifested, it won’t manifest, but .. if this time/space reality has the wherewithal to inspire the desire within [you], it has the wherewithal to deliver it in full fruition. [You] can take pleasure from the having of it even before [you] have it. [You can be] so not bound up in the not having of it, so at-one with the knowledge that it’s coming, that there’s no absence of its vibration anywhere within [you] .. not longing for it, not yearning for it, not suffering for it, not pleading for it .. [You simply] like knowing you want it.

So .. decide what you want. Then line up with it all levels within you, by which we mean consciously by choice, and subconsciously and superconsciously by practicing that choice into every part of your beingness. How is not your job. How never was your job. The Law Of Attraction handles all the “how”s. Your job is choose, and line up. Your job is choose and practice that new belief choice into reality. If you are not in alignment with your desire, there are not enough “how”s on the planet to bring that desire to manifestation. But one you align, there is nothing that can prevail against the greatest force of nature that exists, and things will flow to you in ways that suddenly become the most logical and easy thing in the world.

Eager anticipation is where you want to be. Stay in eager anticipation, and stay away from “where’s my stuff” – the question that expresses your doubts and misgivings. If that’s your dominant question, then we say get off it. Go distract yourself. Choose to be detached from dependence on any particular outcome. Choose to expect this thing or something better, this way or some better and easier way. Choose to believe that you can move more and more into the confidence of knowing who you are, and how you create everything around you. In that place, you can get into that knowingness that Abraham is talking about. This is the place of Peace and Power, Fun and Freedom which we never get tired of talking about.

Here’s some examples of what’s possible. You can set desired outcomes and achieve them. These can be simple things like changing your expectations of that particular somebody you’re meeting today, and thereby intersecting with a version of them that has become more agreeable, and compassionate, and loving. It can be planetary things like stepping into a world at peace, peace between nations, and between neighbors, and between strangers. It can be cosmic things like moving at will beyond the thought boundaries you’ve placed around your current creation. If you like, you can step out of that movie theater you’re in and come and join us for lunch. These are like destination changes.

And then there’s a whole range of new beliefs you can choose about the journey. You can choose that new insights about this come to you easily. You can choose to have a powerful and vivid imagination. You can choose that with each step your confidence grows. You can choose that you easily bounce back from any setback. You and your subconscious can choose to become more and more aware of knowing what’s really “real” – not that what-is stuff, but the potential for change contained within your belief-choices. Let’s look at some of these as an “I am” affirmation. Get comfortable here and follow along in your mind with these words.

Each day, and each day, and each day, I’m raising the bar .. because I expect more from this game of life on earth. I’ve committed to myself to move beyond the status quo to engage more creatively and more joyfully in this adventure I’ve stepped into.
I’m wanting more and more to feel good, because that’s how it feels when I drop those old limiting beliefs of mine. I’m moving beyond old habits, and into excitement, and then into power, and then into ecstasy.

I’m going to take the time today to engage with “Who I Am”. Each moment of conscious awareness I spend acknowledging the truth of who I am, enrolls my subconscious self as a powerful partner in this new game we are playing together.
I’m beginning to know at all levels within me what is truly “real”. If I step into a hole, I see more and more clearly the steps that lead up, and out, and forward, and I shine my light and I take those steps into peace, and fun, and freedom, and adventure.
I’m living today, and from this day forward, within the question .. How do I feel? and What do I want now. These questions are becoming part of our ongoing and ever-present awareness.
I’m learning to be generous and loving to myself. I’m learning to dance with the gods as the equal of all beings, because that’s what I am. I’m learning to be me.

So are you right now beginning to see a new world of possibilities for you? If you’re ready to commit, we’re ready to hold your hand, and remind you of your commitment. We’re ready to dance with you into a brave new world. And we’re here right now to answer any questions you might have.