By Abraham
The only reason that it’s harder to hold the optimistic thought about the subject you’ve been pessimistic about, is because the habit of thought has a vibration active within you and Law Of Attraction is holding you there. Law Of Attraction is holding you there. Law Of Attraction is giving you other thoughts that match it. Law Of Attraction is bringing you to people who think the same thing. Law Of Attraction is bringing evidence to you to support your belief.. Of course it’s hard, because reality has been formulating around it and you believe your reality.. You believe THAT reality, and we want you to believe THIS reality.. the vibrational reality.. the reality of the whole of you.

So now if you’ve chosen to believe the Absolutes, you know who you are and how you create your world. And if you’ve made a commitment for change, then we have some suggestions on processes and techniques that will help you create more of what you want. But before we get into using these tools, it’s worth remembering, fundamentally, what we’re on about here. It’s all about habits. This is not some holy or divine quest. The outcome is profound because ultimately you‘ll be more aware of, more in touch with, your connection to Source. But practically speaking, what you’ll be doing is simply replacing old habits of thinking that are not serving you, with new habits of thinking that will serve you.

Sometimes when we’re encouraging you, we say things like .. “Your work is to ..” think this way or that way, and we then often say we’d like to find a better word than “work” because work sounds a bit like struggle. Then on many other occasions we say things like .. “Stop rowing upstream. Throw the oars overboard and drift with the current, because nothing you want is upstream. Everything you want is downstream.” So let’s get clear about the nature of the task ahead. The “work” is all about thinking. The downstream part is all about physical action.

We see you all to some extent suffering from whatisitis. At some point you made a belief choice about something. Let’s say your parents introduced you to the concept of limits – perhaps by saying things like “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. And you believed them. By Law Of Attraction, every belief choice you ever make comes with its own life support system. Here’s the self-reinforcing cycle. You decide. The world conforms, and that proves your decision was correct. Then hour by hour, week by week and year by year, you practice that belief into the certainty that appears around you. And then we come along and tell you about some new ways of thinking that can change that world of yours and everything that’s in it.

And you try it and it doesn’t work, because you’re stuck in that cycle. You’re stuck with old reality thinking, and for many of you, after a few attempts and maybe some minor successes, something comes along in that world of yours and knocks you off your perch. So let’s be truly realistic here and declare that replacing old habits with new and better habits, takes work. If “work” seems like we’re talking about something tedious, we’re not at all. So let’s call it effort. Even better let’s call if joyful effort. And to make the necessary effort, to keep your focus on when you want to be rather than where you are, you have to make a serious commitment to change.

When we encourage you to drop the oars, we’re talking about stopping the struggle. Struggle is optional and not recommended because you cannot struggle your way to where you want to be. What we’re saying is that when you have your head straight, you can float downstream. We’re talking about throwing away your must-do and should-do lists, and getting into inspired action. We’re talking about feeling good about your life and your world. We’re talking about living in a state of Peace and Power, Fun and Freedom. We’re talking about life as you intended to live it. So now let’s get into the habit-changing business. A little effort is required.