Mike Dooley – The Universe

Living the life of your dreams is a lot like sailing.  You pick your destination, hoist up your sail, make minor adjustments while the journey is underway, and let the wind do all the hard work.  In other words, imagine the end result, do what little you can, make minor adjustments while the journey is underway, and let me blow your mind.  Of course, there are also a few “don’ts.”  Like don’t think that just because there’s magic in life you won’t have to hoist up your sails, or that doing so will instantly deliver you to your destination.  Don’t assume that just because there’s no wind one day it’s a “sign” that something is wrong, or that it won’t be there tomorrow.  And, perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to pack your DingDongs, Ho Hos, and cupcakes.


We like Mike Dooley’s analogy as he talks of the wind as an external force available to you, and of course in our words, that’s the Law Of Attraction which is always working to surround you with whatever matches your vibration.  He talks about having to hoist your sails, and this is what we have been variously describing as the focus, commitment and effort needed to create new thought habits.  He says not to expect instant delivery.  We say, practicing those new thought habits into your subconscious may take a little time, but with alignment comes manifestation.


We’re going to describe exercises you can use as being in two categories because we want to encourage you to be deliberate about when and how often you might choose to use them, and why and how they can help you.  We’ll also be thinking in absolute terms about what’s going on when you use them, because we want to be clear that although exercises involve DOing things, it’s your thoughts, not your actions or words that create your world.  And as before, we would further add that there’s nothing sacred about any of these ideas.  So take them, use them, adapt them, and make them a part of who you are.  When you own them, they will work for you.


But even before we get into this, here are some questions for you to ponder.  Firstly, in terms of where you are and what you want right now, how do you feel about the quality of your life?  In your mind give it a 1 to 10 rating.  Then, what is one thing you’d like to achieve sometime soon?  Or, what one new thing would like to experience in your life?  Good.


Now let’s think a little about the Law Of Attraction and the mechanics of bringing those new things into your world.  Here’s some questions on the law itself.  Don’t think about the “right” answer.  What’s YOUR answer?

Do you believe that the Law Of Attraction works?  How confident are you about that?  In your mind give that a 1 to 10 rating.

How powerful is it?  Are there limits to this power or is it possible for a human to harness this power, to become a master at this and to change anything?

And for a master, how long does manifestation take?  Is it possible to change things quickly?  Is it possible to change things instantly?  Good.


Now let’s get to the third component – the YOU part .. as you are now.

To the extent that you believe that you CAN change things, for that one new thing or that one new experience, how confident are you that you WILL personally make that change?  And how’s that on a 1 to 10?

Now think about a potential time frame for what’s possible.  By when do you think you could manifest those new things?

And now, to the extent that you’re confident that you personally can make changes, how likely is it that within that time frame you picked, you’re really going to do it?  Will you actually, consciously, create that new stuff?  How’s that on a 1 to 10?  Good.


So now here comes, what is for the many of you, the final important question.  If those last ratings weren’t close to a 10, WHY NOT?  You KNOW you can do it because we only asked you about stuff within the range of what you believe you can do.  Today we’re going to be talking about some more “how”s, but if you’ve been following along with us here, you already know some powerful processes.  So you also know HOW you could do it.  So think about this question.  What is it then that’s holding you back?  Or asking that another way, what is it about that virtual reality of yours that’s so compelling, that you allow yourself hour by hour, week by week, and year by year, to be distracted from stepping into a different version?


In a sense it doesn’t matter what you’ve chosen as your philosophy of life belief-system.  This one has long since rejected the concept of an omnipotent God, but you may not have.  And it really doesn’t matter as long as the beliefs you choose do not hold you apart from what feels good and from pursuing your desires.  What’s important is to go with your beliefs, to wholeheartedly embrace them, and step more fully into new possibilities for you and your world.  And if you’re on the threshold of that new world and something is still holding you back, what is that something?  We’ll come back that question shortly, but let’s start by revisiting the basics.


Firstly, it’s important to remember that you’re not a physical being.  The ongoing reality that’s you is a time-less consciousness.  You’re an entity that thinks.  You have experiences and make new creative decisions.  If you’re further wondering from whence you came, we would add that you’re an extension of All-That-Is, the collective consciousness, so when you have experiences, you’re All-That-Is experiencing itself.  This, and only this, is what’s “real” about you.  This human-being-existence of yours, the physical you and your physical and non-physical worlds, these are just the story you’ve made up and continue to make up.


Secondly, so how did you, and how do you continue to, “write” that Story?  It goes like this.  The Law Of Attraction responds to the belief choices you make, and the tapestry of expectations that result from those beliefs.  When you made those past choices of yours, you got invested in them which stored them away in that subconscious of yours, mostly to never be thought of consciously again.  Your Story is told by that tapestry.  When what you believe consciously matches what you believe subconsciously, manifestation is immediate.  That’s alignment.  When what you “know” consciously is at odds with what you’ve stored subconsciously, then you’re pulling both ways.  That’s misalignment.


So conscious creation is simply choosing a new belief and lining up with it.  A new belief might be for example – money flows to me easily and serendipitously.  The old subconscious counter-belief might be that you have to “work hard” to be successful.  So then comes perhaps the least understood but crucial part – the lining up part, and that’s where these Law Of Attraction exercises become really important.  The process is simple, but sometimes those old well-rehearsed beliefs can take a bit of shifting.  But here’s the good news.  On any subject, if you get relaxed, and go within and ask yourself what you really, truly, expect, you will know what’s stored away there.


To understand misalignment, pick something you use a lot, like a wastepaper basket, and try moving it.  Consciously you know the new location, but as you’ll quickly discover, your subconscious only knows the old one.  And until you have taught it over a period of time, “No that’s the wrong way, it’s over there now”, it continues to know that old location.  Well alignment means getting agreement on what is known and expected into all levels of your consciousness.  It starts with the conscious thinking you, and, with a little focus and attention, spreads to the subconscious/superconscious you.  When you are aligned, manifestation is immediate.  Then, like the world you woke up into this morning, things just show up.


The third key thing to remember is also good news, and that is ..your emotions tell you when you’re heading towards what you want (you feel good) or you’re heading in the opposite direction (you feel bad).  That’s because who you are and what you want are all part of the same thing, and when you’re flowing with the truth of who you are, your emotions are positive, and when you’re engaged with a lie, your emotions are negative.  As an exercise, think right now of one thing about the world that feels really good.  That thought is in line with the truth of you.  Now think of one thing that feels bad.  That thing, whatever it is, is based on a lie.  It’s not congruent with who you are.


So now we have the basics down, let’s think about these tools for your toolbox as being in two categories – Expanding and Focusing.

Expanding –these are for getting you in touch with who you are, and we encourage you to make exercises like this a part of your daily schedule and also to use them when you’re feeling a bit lost for what seems like no particular reason.

Focusing – for changing something in your expectation tapestry.  Use these whenever your emotions take a dive, whenever you react negatively to anything.

Just be aware, as with everything else in the Universe, there is no sharp line between these two, but we’re making the distinction to help you decide when to use them and how they work.


Expanding processes are designed to get you out of the day-to-day and away from the tyranny of that physical world you’ve wrapped around you.  The simple truth is, if you take the time on a regular basis to become the observer instead of just the player, to be in the stands and not just on the field, you will find that your perspective changes.  The awareness of who you are becomes more present, the way you react to things becomes less automatic and more considered, and the ambient level of your vibration rises. Everything gets easier, and the easier it gets, the easier it gets.  More and more things simply click into place.  You start to inhabit a more cooperative universe.  You become a master.


In the Expanding category, there’s some simple things you can do about every hour.  Here are some 12-a-day examples.

The Observer – take 3-5 seconds and do a time-out.  Simply observe yourself.

The One-ness – take 3-5 seconds and let go of everything.  Give it all back to the Universe and just BE at one with All-That-is .. because you are one with All-That-Is and this is just knowing that.

The Two Questions – take 3-5 seconds and ask yourself – How do I feel?  and  What do I want now?

Commit to a 12-a-day process and in 2 months you’ll inhabit a new you.


Focusing processes are designed to correct that expectation tapestry of yours – to help replace those old no-longer-serving-you belief choices and get your subconscious aligned with your new conscious choices.  As you become aware of misalignment, which means noticing when you start to feel bad for any reason, these are processes to focus you on the mismatch, to discover what that lie is and bring it into the light.  These are processes that let you step into a new place of BEingness in relation to any particular topic.  As with Expansive processes, you’ll start to inhabit a more friendly universe, it’s just that these are your logical, deliberate, conscious-choice processes.


In the Focusing category, for example, whenever you feel bad, there’s our Letting Go process which has all the key ingredients – welcoming in the bad thought, seeing the lie behind it, letting it go, appreciating yourself, and stepping into a world without that lie.  We’ll give you the link for more detail on that.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s the Abraham placemat process where you get out your ToDo list.  Then on a sheet of paper (or placemat) put on the left only those things you know you will do today. On the right, list the things you are passing back to the Universe to handle.  And it does.


Here’s a powerful process that works on many levels – the Waste-basket Process.  Earlier we used the example of moving your wastepaper basket as an illustration of misalignment – that what you “know” consciously does not necessarily line up with what you “know” subconsciously.  You can use this concept as the basis of a powerful exercise.


First, pick one persistent old belief you’d like to change but your subconscious has a lock on it.  Then pick something you use a lot, like your wastepaper basket, or your hand towel in the kitchen, or the shelf you on which you store something in the refrigerator, and move it from say right to left.  Consciously you now know it’s on the left, but for a while it will be very obvious what your subconscious believes because when you’re not thinking about it, you’ll be throwing that paper, as you always have done, to the right.  Now each time you have to correct that mistake, take a few seconds to reinforce that new idea you want to implant.  Bring it to mind.  Imagine it changed.


Can you see that each time you go to throw that paper, you have a retraining event.  It can serve in two ways.  It can remind you that now would be a good time to practice that new thought habit, and it can act as a parallel change exercise.  You can compare progress on the change you want on that important belief with progress on what you subconsciously know about the waste basket.  Over time, a few weeks or months, you retrain your subconscious, and you’ll once again be in alignment.


We say, you CAN change belief habits by conscious choice and focus.  You can if you choose to.  Are you going to make that choice?  Are you ready for change?  Are you starting to anticipate and relish the idea of stepping into something new?  Are you ready for YOU to commit to becoming a master at this?

And if you’re hesitating, what’s holding you back?  Is it that the world you’re playing in is so compelling, and so completely mesmerizing, and seems so completely “”real”,  and external, and beyond your ability to change, that you allow yourself hour by hour, week by week, and year by year, to be distracted from stepping into a different version?


Well, if so, we both understand and don’t understand.  We DON’T understand because the shape of our consciousness is one that allows us to simultaneously see every version of our movie, and every version of your movie, from something you would think of as the start to the end point when you transition back to where we are, and back again, and every point in-between.  Our perspective makes it easy for us to know the true nature of reality.  We see you as you really are, and when we say things like, “If we were in your shoes, we would .. “ and so on, it’s because it’s so clear to us that you are this magnificent powerful creator who can move mountains, and if you would just think this way or that way, you could instantly change anything.


And we DO understand, because we also know the paradox.  We know that it’s this perspective of ours that keeps us from the leading edge of creation that you have stepped onto.  It prevents us from experiencing the seeming solidarity of your world.   We know that it’s only by allowing yourself to somewhat set aside all this conscious connection stuff, and to fully experience a world full of seeming limitations, that you can get into the delicious contrast of a game like Life On Earth.  The adventure of it and the excitement of it that you are experiencing is something we can only experience vicariously through you.  We are in awe of you.


But you’re here because you want to change some things in your life, and we’re here to help with that.  So let’s finish this segment of our session here by encouraging each of you to take a stand with yourselves.  Find Law Of Attraction exercises that work for you, and as we said at the start, make them your own.  Make them part of you.  Each of you has your own path, and each of you will find that path if you will allow yourself to know that you can.  Choose to allow that.


And now we move to our longer discussion, where as always, we welcome your questions and comments.