Welcome to our discussion. We were talking last week about the different sorts of questions that you ask us, and that when you ask about what we call the Absolutes, the fundamental nature of things, who you are and what you’re doing here, what this thing called the Law Of Attraction is all about, we are delighted to answer you directly and comprehensively. But when you ask us about the physical and non-physical things in the worlds you experience, then we have to say, you tell us, because not only are you asking us about what you and you alone are creating, it is our knowing that in the next week, or day, or second, you could make a new choice and change it all.

And then there are those questions that have both absolute and personal aspects, and then we have to say .. it depends. The question we are posing to you this week is one of those questions. Can a “healer”, heal you? Our answer, we have to say, is that it depends. It depends upon your perspective. Are you the healer, or are you the person needing healing, or are you the observer of both? Let’s explore this together, because definitively answering this question takes us on an exploration of the nature of the Universe, and everything in it, and gives us new insights into the organizing power of the Law Of Attraction. So here we go.

If you or someone close to you is very ill, and you have exhausted your options in the medical profession, is there an alternative? Is there a “healer” out there who can work miracles for you? Do some people have a special gift and the power to change others? If you are in this situation, this is obviously a big question, and before we dive into a longer answer, the short answer is, if you can find someone or some process that feels right to you, go for it without reservation. Seize any chance to choose optimism, and you will reverse the flow and healing must follow.

You see, it is reservations, and doubts, and worries, and fears, that gets you space/time creatures into dis-ease situations in the first place. That negative focus takes you out of alignment with who you are, and there is no medical procedure, or miracle worker, that can buck that current. So choose whatever course feels best (be it with the medical profession, or some alternative, or even doing nothing), and start to imagine once again what life will be like in a healthy body. The path ahead for you is to get yourself more and more, into a feel-good place. Nothing is more important.

There will be those of course who say “You shouldn’t be telling sick people that it’s entirely their own fault”. Well, even though that IS the literal truth of it, we would agree with that, but when you truly understand how you create your reality, the way you approach almost every situation becomes radically different. In this case, if it is not you who is ill but someone close to you, it’s not your “job” to tell them anything. As we progress here you will see that, in a very real sense, it has nothing to do with them. You alone are the creator of Your World and everything in it, everything in it. Whether this person in Your World gets better or not, is not up to them. It’s up to you .. but we’ll get to that.