Question: How do I make a hope into a belief and then into a certainty? And is this same thing as getting into alignment with what I want?

Focus yourself so predominantly on the things that are working, that they just crowd out any image of the things that aren’t working, just by lack of air time. You are the broadcaster of your vibration, and if you’re broadcasting about things you appreciate, you cannot in that same moment be broadcasting about things that you’re worried about. It really is about you tipping the balance of the scale by being clear about what you want to think about.

Let’s look at this from two perspectives. Firstly there’s the Abraham perspective wherein you follow the simple path of developing the habit of being more and more aware of what you’re focusing on, and changing the predominance of that focus to things that you want. Then for some of you who enjoy understanding who you are at a deeper level, there’s a deeper nuts and bolts perspective where we’ll get into your subconscious and your super conscious. There’s not really much difference between these two in terms of the thought processes you might choose to use, but a deeper understanding can help with your confidence level as you tackle the task of changing beliefs.