Are you suffering from a failure of imagination?
If you think you cannot imagine where you want to be, you’re wrong. You choose what to think, and there’s no power in heaven or earth that can prevent you from making that choice.
If you do not imagine where you want to be, you shut yourself off from the possibility of ever being there.
If you do not imagine yourself being successful at creating what you want (and only you can decide for you, how to define success), then you will fail.
If you do not imagine yourself being skilled at pivoting way from a negative creation into better feeling thoughts, then pivoting will always be a struggle.
If you do not see yourself being in alignment or being enlightened (and only you can define what those words mean), you are settling for status-quo-itis.
If your default choice right now is to slavishly believe in reality, and you practice believing in it day by day and year by year, if you do not feel the giant within you, the creative giant, the powerful giant, the peaceful giant, the joyful giant, know this. It is in there sleeping peacefully. if you are leaving the giant asleep, then we say, wake it up. We say, you CAN make a new choice. We say MAKE a new choice.

It starts with a very basic commitment – to wake up the giant.
Begin by remembering who you are.
When reality presses in upon you, remember that you’re creating it and it’s just working exactly as you designed it to. Be easy with yourself. Be kind to yourself and remember that some of those really entrenched thought patterns are about to change. And if you’re down, it may not be the ideal time to try to wrestle yourself to a better feeling place. Just relax and in a better moment, choose to imagine good things. Say hello to the giant. It’s about to become the best friend you ever had.

From Abraham through Esther:
You can tell by the way you feel, in the midst of what you are doing, whether you are perceiving from the wholeness of who-you-are or whether you’ve got yourself crossways of the current and are disallowing your broader point of view. If you are disallowing your happiness, you are disallowing everything you believe will make you happy. If you are disallowing clarity, you are disallowing everything that you believe will make you feel secure and sure-footed.