This week this one was watching the Wimbledon tennis tournament and thinking about the amount of time all the commentators and the players spend talking about mindset. And you could watch it in action. You could see the effect of a player going through a period of low confidence or uncertainty. Why is mental attitude so important? Of course for those of you who understand the Law Of Attraction, the answer to that is obvious, but let’s take a look at your world, and let’s again think about the power that you have.

Novak Djokovic – 3 time Wimbledon champion returning this summer from two years of injuries.
“We all battle ourselves first.. You have to believe you can win.”

This one was also listening this week to a debate on PBS on the topic of “God is no longer necessary” (in these days of scientific enlightenment). There were two teams of two people, with Deepak Chopra leading for the “no” side. They spent an hour with each team talking past each other because the No team talked about matter being created by thought, and the mind creating the brain while the Yes team assumed that the world was solid and real, that time is Absolute, and that the brain is the origin of consciousness,. It’s a cautionary tale on treating assumptions as truth.

So let’s explore these two anecdotes and what they can teach us about the nature of beliefs, and what you must choose as core beliefs about yourself if you want to create the things you want.