The Law Of Attraction Explained – The Purpose Of Your Life .. And Other Fictions – vBook Chapter 11

If you’re looking to have the Law Of Attraction explained, we need to start with your story.  You all have a story – a work of fiction if ever there was one, and that story is unique to you. There may be similarities to the stories of others, but yours is yours. It’s a story about your physical world and your non-physical world. It’s an adventure with a past and an adventure with things to come. You created it and you stepped into it. You’re here to experience the excitement of mixing it up with those other parts of you. You’re here to create new chapters with new the plot. You’re the author and the leading actor all in one. You’re here on the leading edge of creation.

Whoever you are, we can tell you some things about your story you didn’t make up and you cannot change. Like any work of fiction, it has a non-fictional foundation. That you are a part of Universal Consciousness is non-fiction. That the Law Of Attraction organizes everything in your experience is non-fiction. But everything else, EVERYTHING else, is fiction, and all of that fictional part can be re-written – even your so called “past”.

No story is inherently better than any other. No story is more worthy than any other. All stories are created equal. We’re going to discuss shortly some examples of fictional elements that you might have in your story. Before we do that, let us be clear, as always, that we are not trying to talk you out of any part of it. You chose to be here. You chose this experience for the fun of it, and neither we nor any God-like entity sits in judgment about any of it. We delight in our intersections with you and we engage in your story through these intersections,

But we can tell you something else fundamental about your story. There are parts of it that are wanted and there are parts that are unwanted. That’s the nature of life on earth. You all experience contrast. And as we respond to your questions about how to create more of the wanted bits and less of the unwanted bits, we find that it helps if we can persuade you to lessen just a little your grip on the “reality” of it all. Our intent is to encourage you into an increasing and ever-present awareness of the context of your existence. So let us proceed with some examples.

You may believe that …
• Your life has a particular purpose and if you can find out what it is, things will flow.
• Your physical body will age and deteriorate eventually causing your death.
• You have had past lives and prior relationships with others living now.
• The world is a purely physical world and after death there is nothing.
• Something non-physical is looking out for you and orchestrating things for you.
• You live in one shared world with everybody else on the planet.
• The alignment of the planets when you were born tells you what sort of person you are.

As you hear these examples, do you find yourself thinking “Yes I believe that” or “No I don’t believe that”. Those are belief choices. None of them is right or wrong. They are simply choices, and having made them, Your World, unique to you, conforms. Those belief choices attract the physical and non-physical “reality” that wraps itself around you. If these choices of yours are serving you, we say play on and have fun. If they are not serving you, if they are causing some of that “non-wanted” stuff in your life, we encourage you to see them as variable. You are not trapped by any of them. You can choose and choose again.

Let us tell a small part of Cathy’s story. Cathy is looking for a source of income. She loves horses and has fantasized about becoming a horse whisperer. Her family and friends are always telling her to go get a “real” job, but Cathy had a “real” job before and wants something different. She’s enjoys playing with the horses much more than polishing her resume. Last week Cathy was with the horses and was waiting for some other people to leave as she was doing her thing. They didn’t leave, and when they found out what she was doing, somebody remarked “You know you can make good money doing that”. Here’s the interesting part of this. Retelling this later Cathy said “I must have needed to hear that”.

We suggested to her that she think about those words. Behind them is the thought that something is orchestrating things, deciding what she “needs” and sending it her way. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that belief, but here’s the way we would describe it. Cathy’s fantasies are a creative process, and that remark is evidence that she is beginning to allow it in. She is starting to believe it could happen. She has begun to wrap herself in new reality – that she can do what she loves and be prosperous at the same time. Can you see how much more powerful that thought is. She wants to move a mountain, and …oh my God … the mountain is starting to move.

So as you have the Law Of Attraction explained here, our encouragement to you all is to hold your beliefs lightly – even those “core” beliefs that seem so fundamental to who you are. They are all choices you made. They are all choices you can revisit. You are the master of your destiny, and if you want to, you can step a little each day more and more into the awareness that you are never a victim of circumstances. You are the story teller, and yes, this story is in the fiction section of the library, but it is a magnificent story. Writing it and telling it, and rewriting it and retelling it, is why you are here.