Law Of Attraction Secrets Revealed – Your Local Library, A Metaphor For Life – vBook Chapter 12

This discussion is about Law Of Attraction secrets revealed, because sometimes you dance and sometimes you struggle in this game of Life On Earth, and then along come non-physical entities like us to tell you that this contrast is the very reason you chose to be here. It is the experience of the struggle that stimulates the desire for more dancing and the fun of creating something different. So then your reaction is – “Enough already with the contrast – how about a little more of the fun part”.

Then we explore with you some of the techniques you can use for choosing better feeling thoughts and how to make those processes into new habits to can replace those old ones that are no longer serving you. Of course, changing habits you’ve spent a lifetime practicing can take a bit of focus, and so along the way it helps if you have the confidence that comes with seeing the big picture, seeing what’s really going on in. So today, let’s once more do a little exploration of the nature of things, and then come back to the techniques and the process of making changes.

Let’s suppose you have a local library – the kind with books in it. If you’ve never been inside it, what do you know about it? As with many of the questions we are going to pose in this discussion, your first response might be, “Well until I’ve visited it and looked around, not much”. We suggest you know a lot about that library. There’s going to be a lot of books on shelves. It will be quiet. There’ll be a checkout desk, reading areas, and an Internet access area. Can you see that as you think about it, you know a lot about this place before you even step inside?

Let’s look now at the “building” that contains the definition of Your World – what we have variously called your points of attraction, your blueprint, your screenplay, your tapestry of expectations. What do you know about this information store without ever looking into it? You built it and its contents. It’s the record of every belief choice you’ve ever made. It’s the store of information that describes everything around you.

Now let’s go into that local library and explore. There are sections. There is Fiction and /Non-fiction. There are books of many shapes and sizes. If we ask you what you know about one of these particular books, once again you might say, “Until I read it, nothing”. But in fact you know many things – in general about books, about books in libraries and books in different sections of libraries. If you take that book down and begin to read, then of course you know more and more about it as you proceed.

Now let’s step into that record store of yours. What sections are there? Well once again there’s Fiction and Non-fiction except that this time the Non-fiction section is very small. In Fiction there’s sections about your physical world and the physical you, about your non-physical world, and your non-physical you. There’s a book on every topic you know about. If you don’t know it exists, then in Your World it doesn’t. If you know it exists but know very little detail, then in your world, those pages remain to be filled in, and without them being filled in, there is no detail.

Many of these books have just a few words. As you go through life, as you attract and intersect with those others out there, you are filling in the pages of one book after another. But remember, all of these are in the Fiction section. And as with all of your “books”, you can create a new edition with a changed story about any of them.

Let’s go back in your mind to that local library of yours. Look around at the Fiction and non-fiction sections. Can you see that in reality, the most inaccurate description in this place is the label “Non-fiction” because this very library is itself one of the books on the shelves in your mind, and even right now as you are thinking about it you are creating it. You are writing in that book, and everything in it is fictional.

So now the important question is “How do I know what’s written in my “books” and how do I re-write the parts I want to change?” Well as we continue with Law Of Attraction secrets revealed, we’re going to going to get you to pick one. We’re going to read it with you. That’s the first step – that which has already been written. Then together we’re going to pick up the keyboard to begin a new edition and submit it for publication. Bring your questions and your books and we’ll dance a little together.