Welcome.  As we head into 2016, there’s a lot going on in this community, and it feels a lot like renewal.  So we thought now would be a good time to start over to some extent and put  this content into a more logical sequence.  And then maybe even actually put a book together.  So here we are at .. The Introduction.

All of you, without exception, are seeking to create more joy in your lives.  The short answer to how you do that is ..

Always choose the better feeling thought.

The slightly longer version is ..

You create every single thing, wanted or unwanted, by what you choose to believe about those single things.  When you feel good, you’re creating what you want.  When you feel bad, you’re creating what you don’t want.  Nothing is more important than choosing that better feeling thought.

And that, for most of you, raises a whole host of questions.  And then we need to start getting into ..

who you are, and why you’re here,

and what this thing called the Law Of Attraction is anyway,

and how and when it works,

and how you can “use” it to attract more of what you want into your life.

So that’s where we’re going to go over these next few weeks and months.

There’s a gazillion stories out there that attempt to answer those questions – about the nature of heaven and earth, about things non-physical and things physical – and many of them are incredibly detailed and complex, and many of them are contradictory.  So is there a story-less foundation that sits beneath all of those?  Yes there is, and it’s not complex.  It’s simple.   So that’s where we’ll start, and where we’ll stay, and where we’ll finish .. because when you come from that place, it IS simple, and ALL questions can be answered in simple terms.  And when you start from that place, you can go wherever you want to go – powerfully surely and confidently.  Let’s begin.