You chose this game of Life On Earth, and here you are.
Some of you perhaps balk at us calling it a “game” because you think that it trivializes something that’s holy, and sacred, and profound, because your experiences here are part of the journey of your soul, and what could be more important and serious than that? Well .. we understand. All of that makes sense if you believe you will always exist as the individual consciousness you know as you, and that your visit here to this external and preexisting world is just one chapter in that soul journey of yours. But it’s not like that at all you see.

What you believe, creates you and shapes you. If and when you choose a new belief, and line up with that new belief at all levels, it recreates and reshapes you. Then there’s this thing we call the Law Of Attraction (although that name doesn’t come close to describing its significance). It’s the fundamental organizing principle of all conscious energy, and it means that each new “shape” you choose, attracts a mirror-matching context. So there is not one shape that’s you forever. You exist, timelessly, in infinite shapes in infinitely different realms, and making a new belief choice, steps you into a different one of those versions (which from a time-based perspective, you can think of as already existing).

Right now, your mirror-matching context, is an avatar that’s a physical you on a physical space/time Earth. You’re a thought-created human in a thought-created world, which means changing you and your world is simply a matter of changing your thoughts. The fundamental you behind all of that is a time-less/space-less consciousness – an inseparable extension of the collective consciousness of Source. And the reason you chose to be here is to experience the joy of making new choices and creating new things in this very focused Life On Earth. So yes, we would say it’s a game, a very big game, but there’s nothing sacred about it. It’s a fantastic Story, but it’s just your current Story, and you get to choose where it goes.

The Universe through Mike Dooley:
“Every desired change, Robin, must happen in thought first. This, of course, is the “hook” to living in time and space.
Anyone can think happy thoughts when they’re happy, wealthy thoughts when they’re wealthy, healthy thoughts when they’re healthy. It takes someone highly unusual to imagine things differently than how they now see them; not that it’s hard to do, but it can seem so pointless and ineffective that most won’t ever bother.
You crafted the stage you’re now on so that you’d be pushed on to discovering your power, with dreams worth pursuing and the passion to care. Ultimately learning that success comes fastest when you see through life’s illusions, to that which gives them rise: your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.
Robin, this is what you most need to know. There haven’t been any accidents, you haven’t made any mistakes, and the perfection of everything now happening in the world and in your life, will one day boggle your mind.
Close your eyes and visualize, every single day.”