Do want to know about the Law Of Attraction so you can make positive changes in your life? Well here are the cliff notes.

1. By what you choose to believe about you and your world, you create you and your world.
2. Everything is a function of thought. Reality is just a movie playing in your mind.
3. When you’re feeling good, you’re heading toward what you want, and vice versa,. Therefore ..
4. In every moment, nothing is more important than feeling good.
5. When you make a change, big or small, you’re stepping into a new version of reality.
6. Facing “reality” is maintaining what you’ve already created. It Is Status-Quo-Itis! Therefore ..
7. Learning to consciously create means learning to defy reality.

We say, learning how to consciously create what you want is learning minute by minute, and hour by hour, to deny reality its hold over you. It’s the daily triumph of the creator that lies within you. It doesn’t mean you have to leave the game (although you could). It means you’re playing the game in the way that maximizes your enjoyment of it. And that’s what you came to the game intending to do.

Abraham through Esther Hicks

You’ve trained yourself to face reality. You’ve trained yourself to tell the truth. You’ve trained yourself to tell it like it is. So in the beginning, these fantasies feel a little inappropriate, because it’s like you’re fooling yourself. Sometimes people will say, “Well, isn’t this just denial?” And we say, we hope so! We hope that you are denying the absence that you do not want. And we hope that you are embracing the presence of what you do. But somehow the idea of denial has become a dirty word to you; like it is virtuous to face the reality of the horror of your own lives. And we would be ignoring anything that did not please us. We would get our eyes on what feels good.

Bashar through Darryl Anka

You must simply remember, in everything that we discuss, that your outer physical reality is not outer. It is inner. It’s just a reflection of you at every given moment, individually and collectively. So if you find as you view your outer physical reality that there are things about it that you would prefer to change, all you really need to do is to change something about yourself and you will see that change take place unerringly and effortlessly. And all your explorations and all your ideas, no matter how they may magnify scientifically or otherwise, are all going to be the result of the way you change the idea of how you see yourself and what you know is possible in your dimension of experience.