June 10, 2016

Chapter 22 – Serving Others? Let’s REALLY Understand What That Means. Law Of Attraction Explained

Welcome to our discussion on this important topic of “serving others”. In this one’s “past” in this one’s world, he has heard many well intentioned people publicly promoting the idea that you’re here to serve .. to serve the world, to serve humanity, or to serve your neighbor. Now before he hooked up with us, and even before the he heard anything about the Law Of Attraction, he always considered that idea to be somewhat circular, because if he is […]
June 3, 2016

Chapter 21 – “Facing Reality” (And Changing it!). Two Powerful Law Of Attraction Techniques

Welcome. We had some discussion this past week about “believing” and “creating” being one and the same thing. And as we talked a little about how creating new things can be like choosing to believe the unbelievable, to some of you that sounded like too much of a mental leap. So we’d like to explore that a little here today by talking about “reality”. Then we’ll revisit two powerful techniques for changing that reality of yours, and we’ll talk a […]
May 27, 2016

Chapter 20 – The Top Ten Things Dead People REALLY Want You To Know!

Welcome to this meeting of minds, our mind and your mind, our thoughts and your thoughts, here at the point where our worlds intersect. This week once again, this one was reading about the book with a similar title written by Mike Dooley (or Tut, or the Universe, or whatever you want to call our siblings). He also read some of the reviews of that book, and there were some by those who really couldn’t get it. Usually they are […]
May 20, 2016

Chapter 19 – Change Your Habits … Change EVERYthing! Law Of Attraction Explained

Welcome to this intersection between habits of thought. We are the sum of ours. You are the sum of yours. So who are we all here today? We are a gathering of habits talking about changing our habits, changing our intersection points, changing everything we might think of as “real”, changing our lives and our worlds. Our intention with these words of course is to challenge your beliefs to the core. Our intention as always is that you begin to […]
May 13, 2016

Chapter 18 – What ARE You Saying? When Did You Last Choose Something New? Law Of Attraction Techniques

Welcome to our discussion on making new choices, not choices within the same-old, same-old options that exist in that world you’ve already created, but break-out choices that change your world and your life. We want to talk about how seldom some of you make those choices. We want to talk about how some of you feel powerless to truly change things. We want to point you towards the yellow brick road, the no-struggle road to where you want to be. […]
May 6, 2016

Chapter 17 – Do You Half Get It or REALLY Get It? Law Of Attraction Explained

Welcome to our discussion in which we pose this question about the Law Of Attraction .. do you half get it or do you REALLY get it? There’s a world of difference between those positions, and two stories came up this week that illustrate those differences. So it seems like a good time to dive into the deep end of the pool. Not that you have to do that to create new and better things in your life, it’s just […]
April 29, 2016

Chapter 16 – The Ten Commandments (The Law Of Attraction Version)

Welcome. You’re here to change things. If you think you’re not, then that’s because you’ve forgotten who you are and why you came here. We’re here to bring our perspective, to help by describing how things look from where we sit. And so here we are in this clearing in the forest, in this intersection of souls, swapping ideas and exploring new territory. As always, we are here because you have attracted us. We are a match to your vibrational […]
April 22, 2016

Chapter 15 – How To Change Your Life. The Key Law Of Attraction Techniques

Welcome. One of the things that we don’t often talk about as an Absolute fact of your existence is .. change, and yet in the ebb and flow of energy that appears as the world around you, change is the only constant. Some of you try very hard at times to find and maintain a world of stability, to keep things rolling along in an OK state. But stuff happens. Some of that stuff is more to your liking than […]
April 15, 2016

Chapter 14 – Why is This So Hard? Make Your New Story, Your “True” Story

Welcome. Let’s talk a little today about the power of getting fully aboard the boat, by which we mean creating a new Story, and letting go of the lies you used to believe in. We’ll explore what “beliefs” really are, and the role they play in the creation of your expectation tapestry. We’ll talk about why some new beliefs feel harder to choose than others, and of course, once more, the importance of feeling good. We were talking last week […]
April 8, 2016

Chapter-13 – Choose The Lie You Want, Or The Life You Want. You Can’t Have Both

You can choose the lie you want or the life you want. You can’t have both. We admit we’re being a bit cute with words here, but there is great truth behind these words. We’re going to make the case here for choosing the life you want, and give you some suggestions that can help you as you set out on that path. To begin, we’ll look with you at the assumptions that consciously or unconsciously underlie all of your […]