August 13, 2015

Manifesting Your Desires – Your “Story” Is Everything .. And Nothing! – Chapter 73

Welcome to this discussion on manifesting your desires – the art of consciously creating what you want, or because were getting right into the nuts and bolts of it here, perhaps we should more accurately describe it as the science of deliberate creation. As we all gather together, and you seek to have the Law Of Attraction explained (or at least some aspect of it), so we respond with different ways of looking at it. Last week we encouraged you […]
August 13, 2015

Understanding The Law Of Attraction, But Also Keeping It Simple – Chapter 72

Welcome to our discussion. You’ll note we titled this as understanding the Law Of Attraction but keeping it simple. We want you to really understand how things work, because that understanding gives you confidence. We also know how important it is in creating the things you want in this world, to not get lost in the enormity of these ideas. That presents a challenge, but we’re going to rise to meet that challenge. Here we go. This week we’re going […]
August 13, 2015

Law Of Attraction Death – vBook Chapter 71

Welcome to our intersection – this place where our “worlds” touch and we all appear to be operating together in the same realm. And for a brief moment in time, we are. Time-continuity, and space-continuity, are part of the personal virtual reality each of you is creating, and these touch-points of course always appear to be a part of a greater continuity. But they are episodes. They are the points at which our stories, yours and ours, are a match. […]
August 13, 2015

Harnessing The Power Of Attraction – vBook Chapter 70

Welcome. We’re listing here our most effective Law Of Attraction tips as simple ways of taking advantage of the power of attraction that is always working for you. Our big five tips are: 1. Notice how you’re feeling. 2. Change direction when you drift into feeling bad. 3. Live from within the question .. What do I want now? 4. Be obsessively compulsive about appreciating everything. 5. Expect the best of everything. We’ve covered all these Law Of Attraction tips […]
August 13, 2015

Using The Law Of Attraction – Resetting Your Resonance Map – vBook Chapter 69

You all have desires, which means you all want to manifest things, but because there’s more to the story than just your right-now conscious focus, the path to creating what you want in your life often gets “storied” and shrouded in myth and mystery. Our goal here today, is to have you understand, definitively, in clear and simple terms, what using the Law Of Attraction means, and then be equally clear about the formula for manifestation. We want to demystify […]
August 13, 2015

The Secret Of Attraction – 10 Things You May Have Upside Down! vBook Chapter 68

1. The truth isn’t complex. It’s elegantly simple. 2. You’re at choice about EVERYthing! 3. Death is NOT a big deal. 4. Your feelings ARE a big deal. 5. Worry creates what you’re worrying about. 6. Bad people don’t go to hell 7. There is no world “out there” 8. Hard work is unnecessary 9. Science is creating not discovering. 10. You don’t have to have faith. As we examine the secret of attraction through these truisms from your world […]
August 13, 2015

The Secret Behind The Secret – Alignment – vBook Chapter 67

Welcome. At the heart of the movie The Secret and beneath most of our interactions with you lies the following question .. How can I create something different in my life? Answer – make a new decision .. which leads to How do I make my new decision stick? Answer – get into alignment with it .. which leads to What is alignment? Answer – when all levels of you are in-synch .. which leads to How do I get […]
August 13, 2015

The Purpose Of Life – Actually, You’re Here To Do .. Nothing! – vBook Chapter 66

Last week we explored the idea that you can’t answer a question until you decide from whose perspective it’s being asked. This week we’d like to explore with you the purpose of life, and we’d like to do that from two seemingly different perspectives – the cosmic perspective, and the you-here-and-now perspective –  From the cosmic perspective, when you understand that you’re not here to do any particular thing, you begin also to understand that you can do anything, […]
August 13, 2015

Law Of Attraction Definition – From Whose Perspective Are You Seeing It? – vBook Chapter 65

For 18 years before the formation of this community, this one spent more than 2,000 hours listening to Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks. And yet, questions remained. Then he created a more accessible source of answers through us, and thus began, at a much more fundamental level, what felt to him like an explosion of understanding of who he was and why he was here. From that came this new Law Of Attraction definition: You attract into your experience, moment […]
May 29, 2015

Law Of Attraction Physics (And Other Fictions!) – vBook Chapter 64

Last week we invited you to come sit on the crescent moon with us – to see things from a new perspective. This week we’re going to challenge you to step even beyond that as we describe for you an alternative version of your history.  We’re calling it Law Of Attraction physics, and it’s a hugely expanded version that starts from the truth of who you are and proceeds down some of the infinite paths you have taken to arrive […]