January 19, 2018

Chapter 05 – The Importance Of Feeling Good

From Abraham through Esther Hicks The main event has never been the manifestation; the main event has always been the way you feel moment by moment, because that’s what life is. For many years after he began intersecting with us, this one had no idea what we meant by “Nothing is more important than feeling good”. He’s coming to understand what we mean. This game of Life On Earth was meant to be a joyous adventure, and if that’s the […]
January 13, 2018

Chapter 04. The True Purpose Of Your Life .. And Other Fictions!

Chapter 04. The True Purpose Of Your Life .. And Other Fictions! From Tut, The Universe, through Mike Dooley. It’s so tempting to look at your present life situation, at whom you’re with, at where you work, at what you have and have not, and think to yourself, “This was obviously meant to be… I’m here for a reason.” And to a degree, you’d be right. But you are where you are because of the thoughts you used to (and […]
January 6, 2018

Life On Earth – A User Guide – Table Of Contents and Chapter 3 – How You Create Your World

From Bashar, through Darryl Anka The reality you desire, it already exists among the infinite probable realities all simultaneously co-existing – so you don’t have to “create” one. You simply have to make yourself an effective “antenna”, so that by similarity of vibrations, you can receive that reality. Then it will become psychologically real for you.. Physical reality is only a mirror that reflects what you most strongly believe to be true. So welcome to our discussion. Here’s the planned […]
December 30, 2017

We Wish You A Happy New Now .. And .. Let’s Make Some Resolutions That Work.

First, some words from Bashar through Darryl Anka What we believe and totally “trust to be so”, sets up the alignment from which we receive that particular “version” of reality. This trust or “knowing” is the mechanism by which creation takes place. Without believing, we would create no reality and be non-existent. At every given moment, we are always totally believing something… Time is only a local “illusion” that does not really exist. Everything you ever hope to “become” or […]
December 22, 2017

Preface: What Channeling Is – Debunking The Myths

We like to explain that only a part of the Consciousness that is really who-you-are is focused into the physical personality that you believe is you, so that you can then begin to consciously consider the larger part of you, who continues to remain non-physically focused. Once you remember that you are a physical extension of Source Energy, you can then begin to consider, and consciously tend to, your alignment with your larger, eternal, non-physical counterpart. Abraham through Esther Hicks […]
December 16, 2017

Chapter 1 – The Quick Start Guide (all you REALLY need to know)

If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know. And if you know life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anybody else knows. And if you know that the way you feel is your indicator of how connected you are to Source, then you know that which only a handful of deliberate creators .. really know. Abraham through Esther Hicks – October ‘98 Do you have to know the whole story […]
December 8, 2017

Chapter 96 – Who Are You? What Are You Doing Here? The Answers Are Simple.

Welcome. It was suggested this week that the density of the content we’ve been packing into our discussion summaries has been a lot to get your minds around, and wouldn’t it be a good idea if we wrote that book we’ve been threatening to write for a while now – Life On Earth – A User Guide – so that you all have a reference manual, and then you can mark it up, and highlight it and so on. So […]
December 1, 2017

Chapter 95 – The Four Key Steps From Understanding WHAT You Are .. To A Lifetime Of Success

Welcome. As we look back at our recent discussions, and as the team here has been strongly focused on making new breakthroughs in their lives and in this community, perhaps it’s time to redefine the key things you can do that allow you to stop beating your way through the underbrush, and step onto the yellow brick road. So let’s talk about success .. success at doing, being or having whatever you want .. success at living the life you […]
November 17, 2017

Chapter 94 – About Santa Clause, And The Easter Bunny, And The Law Of Attraction

Welcome. Last week we cast a wide net to include those of you who might be new to the concept of a Law Of Attraction. This week we’re going to do the opposite. We’re going to assume you’ve looked at our model of reality, our Theory Of Everything, and if you’re still with us, that you’ve decided that it’s worthy of further exploration. This week we’re not going to appeal to your logic. This week we‘re going to take you […]
November 10, 2017

Chapter 93 – About Understanding The Law Of Attraction And Creating A New World To Live In

Welcome. Today we‘re going to cast a wide net, and we’re doing that for two reasons. If you’re new to the idea of a Law Of Attraction, and new to this community, we’d like to offer you our perspective on, and some answers to, the two big questions each of you faces at some points in your life – Who am I? .. and .. What am I doing here? If you’ve been with us for a while, we invite […]