April 7, 2017

Chapter 62 – Understanding Your “Reality” .. And How To Change It!

Welcome back to our discussions. Let’s start here with the two big questions that sit at the core of everything we do in this community, and the simplest answers we can give you. 1. What is The Law Of Attraction? Answer – What you believe, becomes your reality. .. or with slightly more detail .. Before this life of yours, and throughout this life of yours, you’ve made choices about what you believe, and therefore what you expect. Those choices, […]
March 31, 2017

Chapter 61 – There’s A Purpose To Your Life And There’s Power In Knowing What It Is!

Welcome back to our discussions, and this week we seek to continue our explorations on the essential nature of everything. Last week we looked at the nature of time, and saw that time was just one of your inventions, and that there’s nothing absolute about it because it’s just an artifact of the virtual-reality-game you call Life On Earth. Because you’re so wrapped up in this game, you’ve become ultra-familiar with time as an always-present fact of life, and that […]
March 24, 2017

Chapter 60 – What Are You Waiting For? Explaining Time In Terms Of The Law Of Attraction

Here’s a question for you. Are you a patient person? Welcome back to our Law Of Attraction discussions this week where we’ll be exploring the concept of time. Think about this next question and watch where your mind goes right now as you think about an answer. What do you perceive time to be? If you’ve chosen to believe that the world is “out there” external to you, that it was here before you were born and it will be […]
March 18, 2017

Chapter 59 – The Art Of Making Good Choices .. And What To Do When There Are None

Welcome to our discussion on the art of choosing. We’ll begin with the fundamental truth about your thoughts and feelings, and then we’ll get into the practical aspects of understanding the Law Of Attraction, making better choices, and changing your life into the glorious adventure you came here to experience. Here’s what we discussed last week about feelings. Feelings are your infallible and invaluable guide to your direction. Your feelings tell you whether you’re heading towards or away from what […]
March 10, 2017

Chapter 58 – Why Is Feeling Good So Important? Law Of Attraction Techniques

Welcome to our discussions. These discussions always begin with a foundation – remembering who you are, and rediscovering your creative power and the choices you have. Once you know the facts of life, once you know about what you call the Law Of Attraction, then, optionally, you can hover, as many do, around the fringes of it in a mostly status quo existence, OR .. you can make a bigger choice – to harness that power and put yourself squarely […]
March 3, 2017

Chapter 57 – Actually, There Is No Law Of Attraction! It’s More About UN-learning Than Learning.

Welcome back to our discussions, and as we start out here today, we encourage you to observe yourself. In other words, as you hear these ideas, at one level you’re consciously reacting to them. We suggest you watch yourself doing that from a higher vantage point. You’ll be sort of duplexing. For example, if we said .. “actually, there is no Law Of Attraction” .. you’ll have some sort of conscious reaction to those words. Just watch yourself react. If […]
February 24, 2017

Chapter 56 – Law Of Attraction Explained In Terms Of What You Know And Expect.

So .. what do you know about the Law Of Attraction? Michael Losier, in his book Law Of Attraction, defines it as .. You attract into your life, wanted or unwanted, that which you give your energy, focus and attention. This definition is a good start as an introduction to the key concepts – it’s your thoughts that control your life, and positive thoughts attract what you want, and negative thoughts attract what you don’t want. So far so good, […]
February 17, 2017

Chapter 55 – Be In Your World, But Not Of Your World

Welcome to Day 29, Call #13, the closing call of our 4-Week “Make More Money” Challenge. We’re going to wrap things up here today with some discussion about the nature of this physical context of yours, and we’re going to start by posing the question .. what does it mean to “know” something? Today we want to challenge you to think about who you are and why the hell you’re here. And then as you peel back the layers of […]
February 10, 2017

Chapter 54 –A Users Guide To “Life On Earth” – The Virtual Reality

Welcome to Day 22, Call #10. We’re heading into the home stretch – the last week of our 4-Week “Make More Money” Challenge. For a bit of fun, we’re going to read some excerpts from our User’s Guide To Living Life – not the whole book or we’d be here all day, but some excerpts from the introduction and some of the chapters including the chapter on manifesting particular things, which is of course, relevant to our prosperity focus this […]
February 3, 2017

Chapter 53 – How’s Your Awareness Going?

Welcome to Day 15, Call #7. At this midpoint of our 4-Week “Make More Money” Challenge, let’s review what we’re on about here. We’re on about who you are – fundamentally and foundationally. And we’re on about building on that foundation to discover that there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have. And you “be”s it, or “do”s it, or “have”s it by, firstly, choosing to believe that you can, and secondly, by practicing that choice deep into the fabric […]